Friday, 26 March 2010

You're a hit and you know you are (or something like that)

Anya went to her first football match with her Dad, Ja Jax and bestfriend - she was so excited she could talk about nothing else for days. She had every detail planned, snacks every 15 minutes, paper towel to dry the seats incase they were wet, two hats if it rained, hand warmers, hot chocolate to warm her up at the end and a hotdog at full time. Unfortunately Aston Villa scored an own goal so the score against Wolves was 2:2. Tim was happy with this as it meant that Spurs stayed above Villa (competitive dad?!). Most of these photos were taken by Anya - they got to their seats an hour early so there were lots of chances!

While they were at the football the boys and me went to Snibston Discovery Centre. It was brilliant with loads of interactive (mainly science) displays - they ran from one to the next pressing every button they could see. My camera died after a couple of photos - ruddy technology!

Sunday brought sunshine so the perfect excuse for a bike ride to get an icecream (yippeeeeee - nearly summer!)
Quote of the week - "When I grow up I'm going to be Saint Patrick" ~ Patrick - he may be (very occassionally) Mummy's little angel but not sure if this is a realistic one - still it's good for a boy to have ambition.

Mummy guilt of the week - The following conversations left me feeling like the worst mum ever:
Me: Can Anya's friend come and play after school on friday?
Friends mum: No he's at the theatre thing that everyone's performing at in Town
Me: Oh I didn't know about it.
Friends mum: The whole class have been practising for it for ages.

Me: Anya, why aren't you doing the theatre thing?
Anya: Because you didn't send the letter back.
Me: What have you been doing when everyone else practises?
Anya: Me and one other girl with rubbish parents practise our spellings.

I so can't remember getting a letter, Bucks is going to play at a friends on Friday - I will be trying to make up to Anya for being an incompetent parent.

Thought for the week - "Guilt is anger directed at ourselves" ~ Peter McWilliams


  1. Awwwww Poor Anya/You!
    Im looking forward to hearing all about the football!

  2. Kids are really very cute! Nice collection of pictures! I'm sure it must have been a fun day out...

    Pixellicious Photos

  3. Thank you for your Peter quote. It's so true, isn't it.
    Please stop by my site sometime. It's a 24/7 tribute to that great man, Peter McWilliams. Peter quotes, blogs, photos, all about Peter. Thank you for remembering him :)


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