Tuesday, 2 March 2010

First date number 3 - turning back time

Date night this week was a blast from the past - Trivial Pursuit 1980s edition.  We both agreed that this was a great way to spend an evening because we could chat while playing. I have to admit that there were loads of witty stories I was going to write about but they've all gone a bit hazy (we had the odd glass of wine while chatting - seems to be a common theme to our dates, nothing has changed in 16 years!).

Despite a good amount of cheating by Tim, I emerged victorious! (and I should have got that ponk piece of cake for the John Cleese answer too!).  We topped off the night with a fab Indian take-away (yummy but not so good for the fighters of the fat).

A very important thing to remember for future nights is to ensure that all telephones are turned off (by all telephones read Tim's mobile) - we had two conversations about hire cars (SiHo - leave us alone!!) and a call from Tim's sister who got the hump when we said we were on a date and hung up (oops).

Thanks again to Tiffany xo
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  1. I'm no good at trivia but it is fun anyway. Love Indian take away too.

  2. No phones is a must for us. My hubby is constantly getting phone calls, texts, or work e-mails. Fortunately our date nights are usually late enough that he doesn't get calls. I am horrible at trivia so I would lose every time.

  3. we have that game. i think we have the dvd version. i'm not good at it since i didn't really grow up in the 80's. but it would be fun to pull that game out! thanks for sharing!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

  4. That's why we have an answer machine for house phone and voicemail on our mobiles. I am available to take calls when I want to be.


    I love this meme! I'll need to start participating. Hubby better be appreciative! ;)


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