Friday, 27 January 2012

SkyWatch Friday - new beginnings?

Patch spotted these brave snowdrops on the way to school, along with a slither of blue sky.  Fingers crossed that it means good things are coming, particularly as I had my first job interview for 11 years yesterday.  If having a good old chat gets me the job then I'm a sure thing, if it is anything to do with content, not so sure!

Fly around the world and see if you can spot a shift of seasons anywhere else - SkyWatch Friday

Friday, 20 January 2012

SkyWatch Friday - Water water everywhere

At the begining of the week it was crisp, cold and we were getting amazing sunsets like this one:
Great, I thought, should be a good SkyWatch Friday this week. But no, yesterday and today we had this through the window:
Through the window being the best place for it!
The restricted outdoor activity has given youngest son more chances (continuing from the theme of last week) for tough questions - the most taxing being "Why does Homer Simpson keep his shoes on inside when we have to take ours off" - Daddy tried to explain that it's a cartoon but he wasn't having any of it.  This evening "Are the clouds made of mash potato?" there is no way that he would believe that they were made of water, he reason being that "water tastes of water and not cloud".

On a brighter note I hear that South California is having a winter heat wave - maybe going to SkyWatch to look at the views might bring a bit of it our way?

Friday, 13 January 2012

SkyWatch Friday - a tightrope?

We've got to the difficult question stage with youngest child. This mornings was "why are there strings in the sky". Mmm clouds, no. Kites, no. Tightropes, no. Extra clue "I see them when we're driving along". A-ha...
When I tried to explain that they have telephone conversations and electricity in them. He look at me as though I was selling snake oil!

This afternoon's question "why do we all look different?". Go and see some different people at SkyWatch Friday.
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