Thursday, 24 February 2011

Skywatch Friday - Tales of the unexpected

The following photos were an amazing and welcome surprise today (although not particularly good photos!).
This week is half term and in typical fashion it has been either wet, foggy, freezing cold or all three (so lots of inside activities the highlight of which was shoe shopping - NOT!).  But today has been nice enough to play outside without a coat, leave wellies at home and to finish off with glorious bursts of colours:

The next shock was that Euan almost has a hairstyle rather than just a haircut - he's still fighting the scissors but I have high hopes that by the time he's a teenager he may have a Justin Bieber - on second thoughts maybe he'd be better as a 70s throw-back?

That's a dinosaur flying in the fiery sky.  Non-sky related but a final bit of excitement - today I was bobbed.
There's a meme about getting yourself in the photo every week, not my idea of fun.  For a much less scary meme go fly over to SkyWatch Friday

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Skywatch Friday - Ancient Skies

Well not ancient but pretty old - just checked back and I haven't done a Skywatch for 5 months (OK haven't done much of anything since last summer). So to bring my world back to date, here's some skies from the last few months that I've been hoarding.....

Back in the Autumn we went for a training day at (according to Anya) the hallowed Villa Park, home of (according to Anya) the mighty Aston Villa.

Child misery after being told the footballers
were too far away to get autographs
Child happiness after
hurdling seats to get Ashley
  Young to sign their tops

We went for plenty of walks before the cold set in....
This year was the first fireworks night without tears,
another undeniable sign of big kids!
November 27th was the start of the big freeze, the earliest snow that I can remember. It was -14 every morning for weeks. The frosts made tinsel from spider webs and branches, looked pretty but felt very very cold!

The snow very nearly made me miss out on a flying visit to see the German markets of Frankfurt and have a girlie shopping, glug drinking, childfree weekend.

We managed to fit in plenty of sledging (note for next year - avoid wire fences!)

The lighting made for great photos:
Washed out 'Vantage Photography' style shot

The boy and his sledge
Now that wasn't so bad - maybe I'll be back next week?!  In the meantime wander over the Skywatch Friday to see lots more very modern skies....
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