Thursday, 10 July 2014

Long time no see

Life seems to have got in the way of everything. Working full time (in a job that I love but that is energy sapping), husband that works away, three growing kids (going to bed later and wanting to have conversations rather than just 'talk'), a dog, a cat and various other small creatures leave little time for me to reflect. Some days I don't sit down until gone ten. 

I was remembering previous years at  yesterday's sports day - I could look back at them on here. It made me sad that the memories from yesterday would just drift kick up the bum into action!

Anya (minus plaster) was allowed to compete in last ever primary sports. She's a master thrower - must come from all the slamming around she does at home!  

Patrick was might pleased with himself for one getting picked for the relay and two winning it (went too fast for a photo!!)

Euan came last in his race, mainly because he was too worried about what everyone else was doing and waving, but smiled the whole way.

Good job he's going to be a blacksmith when he grows up - no need for running fast. 

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