Tuesday, 23 March 2010

First date number 6 - Candlelit dinner for two

Everything looks good by candle light and our old fashioned romantic evening was a perfect one. Tim spent the week in Eygpt so wasn't in the mood for anything too hardwork. So we spent three hours putting the world to rights, while munching on smoked salmon and crusty bread. Still yet to manage a dry date - we had plenty of wine. 

As we were both pretty beat we were only going to put in a token hour date but this dating thing really is fun. For one night a week we seem to have reconnected - sometimes this even spills over into other nights of the week.
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Almost forgot that the twist in the romantic evening tale was the music selected by my lovely husband. Tim put a 'genius selection' on the ipod - good selection but there were several of (to quote Tim) "your shouty sweary music" tracks - I seem to remember Rage against the machine playing. Didn't spoil the mood - I just thought he was sweet for picking music I liked (yes it was an accident).


  1. I agree-- everything seems better and more romantic by candlelight. Never hurts to have a little "atmosphere"--especially if it includes Rage against the Machine :)

  2. Dry dates are overrated ;) Sounds like a good date.

  3. Sounds delish! I'm kind of hungry . . . :)

  4. sounded like a great date. how romantic. thanks for sharing, see you next week.
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}


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