Monday, 23 April 2012

Finding the power

This is my baby all prepped up for his first hospital experience - Grommets.  We found out recently that his hearing was pretty poor due to glue ear (average reading for hearing is 10dB on a good day his is at 50dB).  Thanks to his personality - being bossy, insistent and stubborn, most people haven't even noticed that he has a problem but it must be hard work for him. 
Unlike most children, Euan has been really excited about going to hospital.  It's all to do with the marketing, being Star Wars obsessed I explained that he was having special powers being put into his ears.  They would put magic cream on his hands (see above), so that he would have the force on them and not be able to feel anything.  They they would use a mask to put the force into him and make him go to sleep so the doctor could put the power into his ears.  There were no tears at any point and he was happy with every part - as he was going off to sleep he asked if the doctor could make him look like Yoda and give him a 6 pack. As a mother, I'm glad to say that my 4 year old doesn't look like an 800 year old man with a 6 pack but has got special hearing!
His only moan about the whole experience was not being able to eat for the whole morning, this was made up by eating biscuits, cakes and sweets (see above - the chocolate eclair from the hospital bakery caused six kinds of jealousy from big brother!!).  I was a bit worried about his hearing when he woke up, I turned the tv on for him.  He asked if "the sound is on this tv?", as it was on full volume I wondered if they had damaged his ears!  Again he asked "Can I watch the sound?" - OK, damaged his brain too?  Then he added "the programme with the turny red chairs".  Ah-ha - that would be the Saturday night talent show 'The Voice'.  Was I relieved!!  

I didn't realise his hearing was so bad until he got home and has been asking 'what's the noise' constantly. The most surprising one - he's got a music box I've wound every night since he was born, to play a lullaby to go to sleep.  The first night after grommets, he asked where the music was coming from, he'd never heard it before!

SkyWatch Fridayish - sweet times

With that much chocolate in one place the sun must surely always shine over the Cadbury Factory?
I'm sad to admit, that by the end of our visit I was ready for a bag of crisps.  Walkers factory next week!!

Go and see some prompt Friday sky watching at: SkyWatch Friday

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Getting the chop

My two Karate Kids were extremely excited to get their official outfits.  Tonight they were meant to be practising their moves against each other - they took their moves slightly too seriously and weren't too worried about causing bruises so had to be split up - What have I started?!
I got home to find this bit of doodling on the kitchen table.  No-one would own up to it but I have my list of suspects!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

SkyWatch Friday - The folly on the hill

So, following my resignation from my current job and prior to starting my new job, I've got 5 weeks leave to take.  The best bit about this so far has been the weather, clear blue skies going on forever.  Putting the weather and my time off to good use (and avoiding cleaning) I managed to squeeze in a local Geocache (google it - you'll thank me!!).  The cache is at the top of a hill on the Estate I walk the dog on, I've never been to this corner before.
This monument is called the Triumphal Arch.  James 'Athenian' Stuart modelled this monument on the Arch of Hadrian at Athens (according to wiki!). Work began in 1761 using stone from the Tixall quarries. Admiral George Anson of Shugborough died the following year and it is possible his brother, Thomas Anson, decided the arch should become a memorial to his brother.
It looks like the local youths have been looking for something interesting to do for quite a long time - hoping that my kids initials don't find their way onto here!!
I got carried away by these skies - go and get carried away around the world at SkyWatch Friday.

Monday, 19 March 2012

My own personal super hero

While we were out a few people said hello to Superman.
Superman whispered to me "how do they know my name?" 
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Monday, 20 February 2012

Charlie bear comes to stay

I'm Charlie the Class 1 Bear and this week I have been to stay with Euan and his very loud family.  I was very lucky to have some time to myself as Euan's Mummy kept forgetting to take me with the family on their trips (too many people and as I'm only little and very quiet I got left behind). 
We found a lovely Charlie Bear bag when we were getting some new school shoes. I will be putting that on my Christmas present list!

We had quite a bit of snow, Euan and I thought it was a bit cold and wet and didn't really enjoy playing in it. We loved the hot chocolate to warm us up though!
Euan and I made a huge Lego city, I was careful not to go too close to the Lego dragons as they were a bit scary.
Euan was very kind and let me try all sorts of lovely food. He even shared his milkshake with me!

Euan's favourite film is Star Wars, he talks about it ALL the time.  I watched it with him and I'm hooked too. When I grow up I want to be an Ewok and Euan is going to be Yoda.

I enjoyed going to Euan's swimming lesson, he let me borrow his goggles so I didn't get water in my eyes.  

I had another great week of adventures and I'm looking forward to meeting the next person from Class 1.

Friday, 17 February 2012

SkyWatch Friday - it's what's on the inside that counts

This week has be brought to us by the colour 'GREY'.  No rain, no frost, no snow, no ice but also no sun!  So here's a taste of spring from valentine flower (picked up by me at the supermarket!).
Get some colour in your life at SkyWatch Friday.

PS Euan's impossible questions of the week "What are dogs made of?", "Why do grown-ups have Mummy and Daddys?"  and "Does Yoda like God?" (this last one comes from the obsession with Star Wars and the current school topic!)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

SkyWatch Fridayish - bring it on!

The first proper snow of the year gave us a chance to use out Christmas sledges.

There's always one pulling a funny face - this is Euan's Sonic Hedgehog smile!

It was hot work, note the stripping going on!
Sledge train!
Visit SkyWatch Friday for some warmth!
PS We've been forecast another snow drop, bring on round 2!!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Playing with words

OK, so I'm late to Ali Edward's One Little Word party (again).  Every January she invites people to start listening, looking, and being open to the possibilities of a new word.  You live with it. You invite it into you life. You let it speak to you. You might even follow where it leads.  In 2011 my word was 'reflect', as the year panned out I was forced into lots and lots of reflecting.  

This year I felt like I needed to break through the reflections and have some fun. So fresh in for 2012 is..........
I've started the year well, leaving behind the ironing mountain and pulling out the board games, ignoring the vacuum and grabbing the sledge, turning my back on the bathrooms and jumping on to Just Dance. Happy, smiley, healthy 2012! 

"Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.” ~ Kay Redfield Jamison (professor of psychiatry)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Remembering the Chinese whispers and other children's games

Today patch was telling me about a programme he watched. It was about the men who'd built a bridge. It took them 7 years and they were just packing the ladders away. King Henry 8th opened it and they gave it a gold badge. Turns out he was talking about old-time kids TV programme Blue Peter visiting the Forth Bridge, built 120 years ago and opened by King Edward 7th and it did indeed get a gold Blue Peter badge.  I love that the Kings all end up being Henry 8th - not a nice man but very memorable!

We've had the first snow of the year today. Couldn't keep the biggies inside but despite learning about the Arctic at school and banging on about snow facts for weeks, Eu lasted approximately 3 minutes. He's a true Brit and doesn't do weather.
Staying in means he gets to spend more time with Charlie the class bear. We've been trying to find interesting places for photos. So far managed the shoe shop and the supermarket (C- for this project I fear! Everyone else has done pages of very highbrow places)

I've just found this very un-PC map - made me laugh.....

Friday, 3 February 2012

SkyWatch Friday - out in the cold?

It's been a freezing week made bearable by the beautiful sunny days we've been having.  I didn't keep my gloves off for long when taking these photos.

So following on from last job news, I guessing a big fat no as it's been a week since the interview.  Youngest sons unanswerable question "why is bird poo white?".  

Look for some warmth at SkyWatch Friday.

Friday, 27 January 2012

SkyWatch Friday - new beginnings?

Patch spotted these brave snowdrops on the way to school, along with a slither of blue sky.  Fingers crossed that it means good things are coming, particularly as I had my first job interview for 11 years yesterday.  If having a good old chat gets me the job then I'm a sure thing, if it is anything to do with content, not so sure!

Fly around the world and see if you can spot a shift of seasons anywhere else - SkyWatch Friday

Friday, 20 January 2012

SkyWatch Friday - Water water everywhere

At the begining of the week it was crisp, cold and we were getting amazing sunsets like this one:
Great, I thought, should be a good SkyWatch Friday this week. But no, yesterday and today we had this through the window:
Through the window being the best place for it!
The restricted outdoor activity has given youngest son more chances (continuing from the theme of last week) for tough questions - the most taxing being "Why does Homer Simpson keep his shoes on inside when we have to take ours off" - Daddy tried to explain that it's a cartoon but he wasn't having any of it.  This evening "Are the clouds made of mash potato?" there is no way that he would believe that they were made of water, he reason being that "water tastes of water and not cloud".

On a brighter note I hear that South California is having a winter heat wave - maybe going to SkyWatch to look at the views might bring a bit of it our way?

Friday, 13 January 2012

SkyWatch Friday - a tightrope?

We've got to the difficult question stage with youngest child. This mornings was "why are there strings in the sky". Mmm clouds, no. Kites, no. Tightropes, no. Extra clue "I see them when we're driving along". A-ha...
When I tried to explain that they have telephone conversations and electricity in them. He look at me as though I was selling snake oil!

This afternoon's question "why do we all look different?". Go and see some different people at SkyWatch Friday.
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