Sunday, 14 March 2010

Today's flower - making mums day

My lovely children woke me up this morning with these roses - it's mother's day in the UK and I have been really spoilt. Bucks made me cheese and pickle sandwich for breakfast in bed (it's his favourite and he wanted me to have it - not my normal choice for first thing in the morning but I could get used to it). Anya brought me up a bottle of wine (it worries me that she knows me so well).
A knock on the door later brought these unexplained flowers. They were from my Mother-in-law as a thank you for her grandchildren. Completely not needed but a lovely thought - I now need to think of an equally thoughtfully lovely thing in return (any hints gratefully received!).

While taking these photos I looked out of the window and noticed that the trees had catkins on - aren't these tree flowers? Another sign that spring's here (YIPPEE). I have enjoyed my trio of flowers (I so promised myself I wasn't going to get sucked into another meme - I already have neckstrain from looking up and am fed up of spending so much time with my husband, due to Skywatch and Date night. But thanks to Arija I will now be obsessed with flowers), now go and smell the worldwide blooms at Today's flower.
While on the subject of Mothers - Euan has this week stop calling me Mummy and has started with 'Mum' - everyday he's discarding his babyhood and becoming a real big boy, a huge part of me is sad but there is a bit of me that can't wait to lose the nappy bag!


  1. I was puzzled by your "Mother's Day"
    I googled and found that UK Mothering Sunday
    is today. Happy Mother's Day!!
    I am sure you deserved the lovely roses;)
    THank you for sharing.

  2. This is a lovely gift for Mother's Day, and I am sure you had a very special one. Thanks for sharing them with Today's Flowers. You've made me smile today.

  3. Wonderful! Happy Mom's day.

  4. You must be well loved to be showered with so many wonders ... you must also be really nice to your mother in law. Congratulations!!!

  5. I love those yellow roses, a belated Happy Mother's Day to you........

    Gill in Canada


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