Thursday, 11 March 2010

The view from up here

We loaded a car with excited children and headed south for the weekend. Its the first time for ages that the complete set of Aunties were together, GG was looking really well and on good form.  The new boyfriend, Bill got bombarded with the whole force of the family (I don't think that his family is quite as full on - I hope he hasn't been to put off a return visit). The baby Jacob has got huge already, we all managed to grab cuddles and were loathed to pass him on.

Mean while GG got excited about easter and handed out the eggs early - Euan got his first whole egg and wasn't quite sure what to do with it - he went for the all in the mouth at once technique. He did eventually work it out and shared it with Beeba.

I need to put in this photo too - a good nearly whole family shot, Euan was asleep in the car, may cut and paste him into the photo!
Having children really makes me examine my own beliefs. This weeks examination was on religion. Tim's view is not to rock the boat and to let the children follow what they've been taught at their Catholic Primary School (which they happen to go to because it's the closest and I'm innately lazy!). I'm not so sure and think that they shouldn't blindly accept everything they are told without question.

And so after that pre-amble, Anya was talking about a new topic started at school. They had to name famous people, Anya said Roald Dahl (my little book lover!), she said others had thought of David Beckham, Jesus and was laughing because someone had said Robin Hood. Her direct quote "fancy saying Robin Hood, he's just out of a book". Well, now this is the bit that made me think - without rocking the boat - to me Robin Hood and Jesus are both characters from legends, both of them seem like they would be nice people, but the scientist in me needs more proof than is available to bring them to life.

So, we had a conversation about there not being photos of either Jesus or Robin and that some people aren't sure about either of them being a famous person, oh and to ask Grandad about it (the cowards way out!)

Thought of the Month - "March is a tomboy with tousled hair, a mischievous smile, mud on her shoes and a laugh in her voice" ~ Hal Borland (this quote reminds me of my own tomboy - maybe she should have been born a bit earlier?)

This is Miss March modelling her new coat - apparently this is how models stand?

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