Friday, 25 March 2011

Spreading the 'word' 2011 style

Every January Ali Edwards invites people to start listening, looking, and being open to the possibilities of a new word.  You live with it. You invite it into you life. You let it speak to you. You might even follow where it leads.

For 2011 this word is:

I realise it isn't January any more but I've really struggled to find a word to settle on. Today REFLECT just popped into my head. So here I am committing to it! 

I will REFLECT on things in my head before they turn into actions
I will REFLECT on things that have turned into actions to learn lessons
I will REFLECT on all the good things in my life and try to move on from the nasty REFLECTions

Thursday, 24 March 2011

SkyWatch Friday - The long and rambling one

So, I spent a while trying to workout what shot I was going to use for my SkyWatch post this week.  I didn't get to see much of the sky (a killer because it's been lovely and sunny and blue for days!) with work and taking part in a Sponsored Wii-danceathon, we raised over £1000 so it was worth missing the sunshine, even if there was a slightly manic look to us by the end.

I first of all decided to use a photo from a winter walk where a fiery sun had set the trees on fire.
Then, when I was downloading the danceathon photos I found a nice photo from when I'd had a 10 minute breather in the garden, and this was too pretty to just delete:
Finally, while I was pondering on the photo choices over a cup of tea in the kitchen I noticed how colourful the daffodils on the windowsill looked in the last bit of the day's sun.  So here they are too:
I have to admit that this windowsill acts as a holding area for anything not to be forgotten and is currently crammed with Euan's Naturetot planting (the pea plants and courgettes are coming on well, still waiting for tomatoes and lettuce for those wondering). When I went to put the camera down I glanced out of the other kitchen window and saw this:
So, back to where I started, which one to choose? Answer - just stick them all in and in doing so learn that there is always a bit of sky around even if it's just fleeting!

Go and visit briefer skies from around the world at SkyWatch Friday.

Friday, 18 March 2011

SkyWatch Friday - Over the hills and far away

Spring has most definitely sprung in this neck of the woods. The daffodils are out, the grass is threatening a mowing and we had a coat free walk (I say walk but mean off road trek - the kids DO NOT like walks!)
Anya's legs are at the back of the picture - she was sulking about this track being a bit tame!
We found this amazing swing at the very top of one of the hills.  Anya took the shot of her brothers, ignoring the breathtaking views.
Going, going, gone......they did eventually come back!
From this point we could just about see our house.

OK - our skies were a bit dull and grey but at least it was warm!  To see some colourful skies take a trip to SkyWatch Friday.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Quote of the week - Patrick - When does someone get old, Me - I don't know, am I old?, Patch - No, Me - Is Granny?, Patch - Not really, Me - Is GG?, Patch - Not as old as Grandad, he's really old, he's got white hair and a white beard, Tim - But Granny dyes her hair, Patch - Yes but Grandad's got the most wrinkles too.  
Poor Grandad is 8 years younger than Granny and nearly 30 years younger than GG, the morale of the story - don't grow old gracefully!

Doing something silly in leg warmers

This week I'm going to mostly look like this:
as I'm in training for a 24 hour wii-danceathon with 5 friends.  This seemed like a good idea to raise money for the Comic Relief charity.  When I agreed I had just finished the true story of a Lost Boy of Southern Sudan (he'd been separated from his parents when he was 8 years old and had walked hundreds of miles looking for a safe place to live - a must read - What's the What by Dave Eggers) I was really enthused about saving the world, particularly when fuelled by a glass of wine.  Now 24 hours of dancing seems a really long time!  SO IF ANYONE IS OUT THERE PLEASE HELP RE-ENTHUSE  ME AND SPONSOR ME AT -

Thursday, 3 March 2011

SkyWatch Friday - Urban adventure

Setting suns can make any skyline look wonderful.  This is particular skyline didn't look so wonderful in the February rain on the way to our Birmingham adventure.
But on the way home it encouraged tired feet to move more quickly to see what was around the next exotic seeming corner.
Even if it was just a building site!  In England this is called the Black County from all the industry and coal that used to be found there. Most of the industry has gone but from the building work going on it looks like things are going to get better - the cranes are for a new library.

Have a look at proper exotic skylines at SkyWatch Friday

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New year, new us?

This week I experienced a horrid knot in the stomach, life swerving down the wrong path, being out of control feeling when Tim went missing while on a business trip.  I wasn't able to get hold of him for hours and, while I was swinging from wanting to lynch him to hug him, I realised that I would quite miss him if he wasn't about.  He turned up eventually with a rotten hangover and promises of staying clear of alcohol.  Just in time for New Year Resolutions.........

As I was hit with swine flu on 31 December we moved it and had a New Year Mexican Fiesta in February. Much fun was had by all including a very smug and still sober Tim, looks like the belated new year's resolution is sticking.

Happy New Year xo

Quote of the week - "There is no substitute for the comfort supplied by the utterly taken-for granted relationship"  ~ Iris Murdoch
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