Tuesday, 30 March 2010

First date number 7 - The cop out date

This a bit of a poor excuse of a date - although it was a very fun night. Since Friday I've had a stinking, feeling sorry for myself, big red nose, blurry eyed, rotten cold. Being a true woman and not liking to moan (really!) I've carried on and we've still had action packed days but by 9pm (even though the clocks went forward) I've just wanted to go to bed. Well there's my excuse for the cop out date - so onto the date.....

My sister, the lovely Ba Bags, visited for the weekend. I managed to book a babysitter and we hit the heady heights of the pub at the end of the road - a good 100 metre walk! The pub has just reopenned after a re-furb, by re-furb I'm meaning it's been painted. However - through the bottom of several pints of cider it looked perfect (for those of you from the USA - this isn't just apple juice, but apple juice that makes everything seem good).
The night included sending drunken texts, tears, a bevvy of bar snacks, kisses and very loud laughing - generally acting like teenagers on a first night out, so probably with a sister dragged along, a proper first date then! Next week it will be dry (maybe?).
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  1. A date night at the pub with cider sounds lovely to me. Walking distance makes it even better.

  2. We could probably walk to the local tavern but I am expecting and my baby is due in 3 weeks so no cider for me.

  3. what a funny video, you got me singing. I am a cider drinker....la la la la. Sounds like you had a blast.

  4. sounded like a fun date acting like teenagers again. i think we can all use a date like that. thanks for sharing!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

  5. That sounds lovely. I could probably do with a pub night myself or maybe just some cider at home.

  6. Love how you described your night! Sounds like a lot of fun! (how was the morning after?!?!)


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