Tuesday, 29 June 2010

First date numbers 16, 17 and 18 - variable standards!

We're still hanging in there but have got a bit iffy on the timings of our date nights and, like the rest of my blogging, I'm being very lax at recording the dates (blame it on the sunny evenings but more of that in a sec).

So what have we been up to?

Date 16 was completely fab and pushed our never-done-before-not-sure-if-we-want-to-try limits. We went to a Murder Mystery Dinner at the local stately home.  It was a beautiful evening so we walked over and were welcomed with drinks in the garden before the 'fun' started. Tim and I were probably the youngest there by a few decades and most of the other diners had come with friends. We ended up sitting on quite a boozy table (so suited us fine) and watch the story of a murder on a yacht unfold. After being fed a duff clue by the lady sat next to me, I had no idea who-dunnit, but I would say neither did 90% of the others there. We had even more fun trying to find our way home in the pitch black across a narrow bridge. The moral of that one - don't knock anything until you've tried it.

Date 17 was a Date Day - we both had the day off for Anya's birthday party prep - did very little prep but lots of dog walking, beer garden lunching, a wander through a sculpture garden at above mentioned posh house and a little shopping. The weather was with us, we reminisced about "this time 7 years ago..." and even Tim's ruddy Blackberry remained happily silent. A really perfect birthday date (and it wasn't even mine - Tim you have a week to plan that one!)

Date 18 was a bit impromptu and I'm not sure we even agreed it was a date before it started. The sun was beaming, we got the kids to bed early and had tea with a bottle of wine in the garden. We only moved inside once it went dark (and the final Big Brother had started - but less mentioned about that the better it makes me look!).

Cross my heart - will attempt to be more with it for next week!

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Friday, 25 June 2010

SkyWatch Friday - Come on England

On Wednesday the whole of England ground to a stand still at 3pm to watch the football team struggle to stay in the World cup - thankfully the 23 over paid men managed to beat the smallest footballing nation in the competition to get through to the next round. The one off JCB above was on their stand at a Quarrying Expo under a huge screen to show the match live.

Fly(ing tackle) around the world at Skywatch Friday
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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Skywatch Friday - flying not falling

I've been rather lax with my photos recently - this was from the centre ring at the Staffordshire Agricultural Show - I wouldn't like to do the Risk Assessment for this activity.
The big kids couldn't take their eyes off the show.
Euan wasn't as impressed - he was far more interested in the quieter tractors.

Go and see why the rest of the world are looking up at Skywatch Friday

Now you are 7

You've got all grown up, you....

... must watch all episodes of Come dine with me and Saturday kitchen.
... still love Aston Villa but you don't want anyone to know (peer pressure has become a big motivator in your life).
... recognise nervous (it makes your tummy bubble, gives you a lump in your throat and makes you go quiet) but you know not to be scared.
... have discovered the joy of books - under the covers, shouting at brothers to leave you alone.
... become a music obsessive - keyboard practice daily, try to work out the instruments playing in every tune, know loads of bands.
... live by the clock after learning to tell the time - (gosh it's 10 o'clock already, where has the day gone)
... love Dr Who (the monsters aren't real you know - it's pathetic to be scared!) but cry at reality TV (talent shows when people have to go home are unbearable)

keep growing up but not too quickly xo

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ten years of moving - things i need.....

1.  An iPod sports arm-band. I have just discovered a podcast to take me over 9 weeks from the Couch to running (supposedly non-stop- yeah right!) 5K.  There's up beat music with a nice American man telling me when to walk and when to stumble forward slightly faster. Very good idea but carrying the MP3 player cramped my style, I tried to make an ingenious knicker pouch pocket for it but it kept falling down my trouser leg so I resorted to sticking it in my bra and hoping that no-one I knew would see me (not that I would know as don't wear glasses out and with my pumping music I could hear no-one else).

2. To remember to close my mouth when running through swarm of midgy fly things - added protein but can catch on the tonsils - doesn't make for a good energy boosting snack.

But feel that I'm making progress, after my third run I could still walk the following day.


I have t got back from another run and need to add that -

3. To remember to run with my mouth closed even when it's raining as big fat juicy flies seem to favour that weather!

4. To leave the sun loving dog at home when it's raining - dragging her behind me slowed me down!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Woe is me

Today I'm going through the five stages of grief.

Denial - I can't have lost all my photos from my lap-top while trying to sort them into some type of order. They must just be hiding

Anger - Stupid computer what have you done with them, ruddy Tim what have you done with them, flipping Picasa thinks it's clever than me

Bargaining - Just let me find a few of the nice ones, how about a couple of Bucks birthday party so he'll believe that he had one when he's 20.

Depression - I'm currently wiping the tears from my keyboard so must be on my way to.....

Acceptance - Yes they really have gone - but I have got lots backed-up on a hard-drive so it's just a big chunk of this year that never happened in picture form. I cross my heart that from now on I will be more organised, back-up and do paper copies of the nice shots!

Feel better now that's off my chest, although feel I could slip back to stage 4.....

PS If you have any nice photos of my family this year please send them to me!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

First date numbers 14 and 15 - doubling up dates

Tim's been globetrotting again (think it was New Jersey last week, Paris this week) - so we missed a date night. We both planned a night over the weekend without telling the other, so we did them both (how spontaneous are we!).  Tim's date was on Friday - we had a posh wine and cheese night.  We blind tasted various nice wines and ranked them (with some very interesting comments - not sure these would make it into a published wine guide - "tastes like hangover", "warm porridge", "jelly").

The favourites were me - La Chasse du Pape Sauvignon Grenache 2008, described as displaying exotic and white flowers notes, I thought it had a damp smell (then trying to get more artsy), like rain on rocks.  Tim's favourite was Gavi Cortese 2009 which is described as having a lemon palate and a nutty finish, he thought it was like boiled sweets. I was put off because it smelt like rolling tobacco?! The best cheese was Blue Stilton - yum!

Saturday night was my turn - we'd had a beautiful week so my plan was to go for a romantic evening walk along the canal - unfortunately it hammered down all day and night, so with a babysitter booked I had to find a quick alternative. The alternative was a night down the village pubs - not the most romantic of evenings but lots of talking went on and if we won a million pounds right now we know what we would do with it!
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