Saturday, 29 May 2010

Ten years of moving - conquering the fear

The last time I went for 'a run' I was 15 and it was the annual hell of school cross-country.  Even then I hated running, I'm just not built for it and what's the need when walking gets you to the same place slightly later?  My 15 year old self cleverly avoided the whole hour hell of the cross-county by bribing the route monitor (the class fat girl who happened to have a sick note) to let me duck through a hedge a few minutes into the race. I hung around until the race leaders ran past then tagged onto the end of them.  I didn't have the 6 inches of mud stuck forming a heavy clay heel on the bottom of my trainers from crossing the newly ploughed field (we were very rural!) so managed to sprint well up the school field to the finishing line - I was very pleased with myself coming third and getting all the wow you came out of no-wheres, I did let them go to my head!

It was later announced that the first three runners would be representing the school in the County cross-country trials. Shear panic - a vow of never running again - over 20 years later I have just broken that vow.

Thanks to my pledge to get moving over the next ten years, I thought it would be important to get those feet going a bit more quickly. In fact a few friends have set me various milestones a 10km run next year, a half marathon the year after and (laughingly) the London Marathon (remember - I have ten years, if I start now I may finish in 2020!).

So I have now completed two 45 minute runs (well I was out of the house for that long). I set off at 7am so I wouldn't see anyone I knew, I left my glasses at home so I wouldn't see anyone I knew. The first time the sky was blue, the birds were singing, it was almost nice to be out. The second time it started raining sideways - not so good and I discovered that my new trainers aren't waterproof.  I tried the run two minutes, walk two minutes method of training. I managed to stumble forward for nearly two minutes, stumble forward less quickly wishing for an oxygen tank for just over two minutes.

Apparently this exercise is good for you - the week after my first running attempt I'm not sure my legs agreed with that statement, hoping for just a few days of protesting this time.

London Marathon hahahahah - I'll take the London Snickers instead.

PS teenage me did have weird fashion sense and yes did wear odd shoes.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Skywatch Friday - A swallows and amazons weekend

Click over to Skywatch Friday to see what other lovely people have been gazing up at all week.

Ten years of moving

My little sister has recently set up a new blog (over here) to chart her progress in a ten year goal of 'being a grown up'.  The challenge was set by the comedian Mark Watson in February, the basic idea is to nominate something which, over the next ten years, you would like to accomplish in your life. It could be an aspect of your personality you would like to change. Or it could be something quite specific, like learning to drive. Or it could be something really stupid. But you have to genuinely want to do it.  Not wanting to be left out and doing pretty well in ENJOYing 2010 (see this post for full explanation) I got drawn in.

TYSIC (Ten Year Self Improvement Challenge) officially started on March 4th (yes, as usual I'm slow on the up take but may be my challenge will take care of that and what's a couple of months in 10 years? ). Every week – or month, depends how well it goes – or year, if I do really badly - progress is summed up via comments on Marks blog (he's planning on publishing a newsletter of the most interesting/bizarre/heroically failed/perverse/illegal achievements. Prizes may even be available - recognition is always good!).  And the project will end on March 4th 2020. Apparently on the 5th we will all go on holiday together.
So here goes -
I will put one foot in front of the other and repeat

What does this mean? Mainly get off my seat and do something less boring instead, go places I've never been and meet new people. I won't stop with the feet moving even if it's a bit scary or tiring. Hopefully it will get easier and much quicker with practice!

I've got a new pair of trainers and now it's time to start using them xo

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A bunch of happy campers

Last week saw me rummaging through the house/garage/shed collecting together a host of items that had been collecting dust for the last 4 years, so that we could spend two nights in a field under a large piece of fabric. Some people call this a camping trip, I call it madness. I have a phobia of communal showers (have conquered the loo one since kids), would prefer a real bed and have a biological need of a fridge for the cider.
However, the weekend near Carsington Water in the Peak District was a great big success. The sun shone constantly, the 15 (yes count them, 15) children had a blast and the grown ups stayed up late under the stars (in puffa jackets) drinking tepid wine.

We had water fights
Went boating
Had a pub tea and played out late
And tried to keep cool!

Quotes of the weekend - "I am never ever ever again sleeping on a *@$!!ing airbed!" ~ me, the air bed slowly went down throughout the first night leaving feet and head in mid-air and hips on the cold hard ground.

"Next time can we bring a tv?" ~ Anya was worried about missing the Over the rainbow final and Dr Who.

Thought of the week - "Camping: nature's way of promoting the motel industry" ~ Dave Barry

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Skywatch Friday Date 13 - tiptoe through the bluebells and a whole lot of other bumpf

For years and years and years (get the idea?) I have been meaning to visit the famous (well around here famous) Yoxall bluebell woods. So this year because Spring came so late (postponing the blooming for a week) I got the family into action and we finally made it there.

It was completely beautiful and slightly educational - did you know the Spanish Bluebell has been slowly invading the countryside (for the last few hundred years) and intermixing with the cute, shy, well mannered British Bluebell and so gradually wiping it out - drat you the Spanish. Yoxall is a happy oasis of only English accents no hot blooded Spanish there (also there was plenty of yummy homemade cake!). 

For more Skywatching pictures from all around the world go and see Skywatch Friday, thanks for anyone visiting from that link - you are likely to get a bit bored now as here comes the rest of the weekly bumpf I've not had a chance to catch up with. Project 52 people - stay with me I'll be there in a minute (realise this is breaking a whole load of rules for memes but have very limited time this week - visit next week to find out why - what a cliff hanger!!)

Here's the family photos - don't feel under any obligation to look unless there's some genetic connection there (and even then try not to lean on the keyboard too hard as you fall asleep). 'Daddy's friend Dave' came to stay for the weekend - I have a feeling he may not pay a return visit for a while, it made me realise quite how loud and shouty our house is!
Next - date night, we had a very lazy one this week. The sun was finally shining and we had the first warm-enough-to-sit-outside-evening, it would have been a shame to waste it, so we grabbed a drink and some crisps and had a relaxing chat in the garden. It was the first time we've had a chance to talk on our own for ages - as they say "it's good to talk". You've made it to the end - well done - megapost over xo

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Skywatch Friday - fairies on fire

From these photo it's hard to tell that just a bit further north it has been snowing - It's May for goodness sake! Next weekend we are due to go camping, I'm thinking it may be sleeping bags in the living room.

Fly around the world and visit some real burning skies at Skywatch Friday

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

First date numbers 11 and 12 - The catch-up dates

As Tim's been globetrotting forever (see last few posts for the full moans) we've had to squeeze in dates where we can. Over the last couple of weeks we've had a movie night - I think movie nights are a bit of a cheat, not much more than sitting watching tv, but I don't think either of us had the energy to sort out anything more and neither of us was in pyjamas.

We watched Seven Pounds with Will Smith. This was a beautiful 'love' story with a heart breaking twist in it's tail. I can't say much more about it without spoiling the film for anyone that might watch it. If you haven't seen it, do - it was so good I stayed awake right until the end!

Our next date was via Facebook, Tim was (and still is) in Algeria so no physical date but we were both very there in spirit and (not sure about Tim) I was fully dressed! We had over an hour of chatting while playing Wordtwist. I had a small glass of wine, so while I started strongly, Tim came through and thrashed me (not that we are a competitive couple).

All I can say is after the few weeks I've had that TIM IT'S YOUR TURN TO ORGANISE.

Project 52: Date Nights logo

All's well that ends well

Haven't done a proper post for ages so this is a bit of a catch-up one.  Firstly I must have a proper moan about Patrick's Party (followed by lovely photos of a happy boy - and that's what matters!). 

As has been said a few times - I HATE BIRTHDAY PARTIES! But I have found that what I hate more is arranging them. Trying to get Bucks to chose where he wanted it, trying to get Tim to agree that it wasn't boring or overpriced, trying to get said place to answer phone calls, trying to get Bucks to limit guest list to 20, trying not to explode when school Mum announces that classmates party is same time and day, trying not to worry when Tim flies away to USA to return morning of the party (leaky volcano allowing), trying to not get annoyed when half the RSVPs aren't RSVPed, trying to eliminate the throw-straight-in-the-bin-plastic tat in the party bag, trying not to go into full blown panic when the weather forecast gives thunder and lightening.  I could go on but it all worked out in the end and doesn't have to be repeated (well not until Anya's birthday in 6 weeks).

So, all our good friends came, Tim got back in time, the weather held out and a good time was had by all -  here are the photos to prove it:

Party number 2 was a big family affair (minus working Auntie Jax) down at Granny's house. Our family has a birthday week, not just one day and feel hard done by if they have less than three cakes.
I'm trying hard to remember anything else interesting, exciting or witty to write about but I'm really struggling - Tim has been away forever and every day seems to have past by in a whirl of getting everyone to where they need to be. Euan has become very loud and opinionated, so the children are all acting as a tag-team of hard work.  We've got a few fun things planned for the next weekend so hoping that they buck up my spirits - moan over.....

Quotes of the week- "There you go, Mr have-what-ever-you-want" ~ Anya to Euan while throwing some plastic tat at him. Think I may need to re-address the balance of power in the house?

When talking to Bucks about someone -
B - "Is she the fat one?"
Me - "It's not nice to call someone fat"
B - "Is she the bigger one?"
Me - "You shouldn't really say that either"
B - "Well, how can I explain her then?" 
Trying to explain social niceties - tough!

Thought of the week - "You won't remember what someone does for you, you won't remember everything someone says to you. But you will remember how they make you feel" ~ some bloke on Radio 2. Stayed with me for a while - go and make someone feel special xo

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Gone in a second (or 1 minute 31 seconds)

Today I have been a shouty nasty Mum. It has rained all day, Tim is in Algeria and after a couple of hours of Lego building (which was knocked down as fast as I was constructing it) I felt like I need a bit of childfree time. I've spent most of the afternoon counting down until bedtime.  But now seeing this advert that speeds through the life of a baby I promise that tomorrow I'll try really hard to give cuddles, turn my back on housework and be a fun mum.

Pass the tissues - I realise the advertisers are playing on cheesy emotions but it works with me! Life is beautiful, even in the rain xo
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