Monday, 1 March 2010

Shiney glasses

This week life feels good - my rose tinted glasses have been given a polish while I spent the weekend at a posh spa hotel near Chester. I have to mention Bec, Nina, Sarah, Beth and Mrs Nic as I drunkenly admitted to this blog (not many real-life people know about it, I feel a bit weird telling people about it. Although have no problem someone on the other side of the world I've never meet reading it!) - any way I think that they wanted a 'shout out' (I'm sure they will have all forgotten about it though).
Oh - and Rolf Harris was as surprised to see me in Chester as I was to see him!

Meanwhile at home:
Euan was turning two and a whole half!
Tim was moving the 14ft bounceline (others may call it a trampoline) from the drive into the back garden - note when someone offers you a large trampoline make sure that it fits around the side of the house!
Anya and Patch were making dough balls and watching Alvin & the Chipmunks.
Basically not missing me as much as I was missing them!

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