Monday, 22 February 2010

what I've learnt from the interweb

Chickens are very popular.
There are more people in the world that want to say nice things than be nasty (this is the best thing I've learnt), and in the land of blog people tend to click out rather than be nasty.
Americans are far more religious than British people (a fact that has managed to pass me by before reading blogs) - very few bloggers from UK mention religion, very few from USA don't.
Lots of people do crafts in private.
Cupcakes have more pages dedicated to them than they really deserve - yes cake is good, but really!
On facebook everyone in the world has Jonathan King as a friend.
Everybody is worried that no-one likes them or cares what they say.
The quietest people in real-life have the most to say.
Just like real life the people with the most clingers on (also known as facebook friends or blogger followers) are often dull.
There are really amazing photos of birds out there - I have developed bird photo envy, never even knew I liked birds!
I want to have another baby just so I can blog photos of a newborn - they are so cute!
Beagles are the same worldwide.
Computer time goes approximately 7 times faster than off-computer time. I've just spent 3 hours writing this post when I should be interacting with either my children or husband.


  1. you are so right. Religious is a huge thing in the States, especially down south in the bible belt. Chickens too are so popular, its quite surprising..........and yes I can spend a few hours on the computer, achieving nothing!!!

    Our beagle has so many allergies its crazy. And once again I am up before 6am, as she has driven me crazy with all her scratching!!

    By the way do you let your beagle off the leash with any success?

    Gill in Canada

  2. "Just like real life the people with the most clingers on (also known as facebook friends or blogger followers) are often dull." So true.


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