Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Love multiplied

Once again I'm a lady with two hands! My old blue friend has been cut away and I have been able to return to long soaks in the bath and effective cleaning of loos and kitchens. I've been left with a funny numb thumb thing, hoping this goes away as it is interfering with my mouse moving! Before it went I let the kids loose - they have been wanting to decorate it from the start.
I do feel like I should have my own labelled seat at the doctors as I seem to be there all the time. I'm definitely going to be marked as weird on my notes, as this week, I took Euan because he's sleeping too much. He is most people's idea of a dream child but he's not my idea of Euan. He's been sleeping loads since Christmas (Saturday's record was an hour in the afternoon followed by 5.15pm until 8am - that's just not right), he's also gone really quiet - as I said a dream child but not mine!  I got the "nonspecific-virus" line but have been referred to the hospital just in case.

Valentines Day was not very romantic (although I did get a quick kiss and a cuddle - Anya's suggested surprise present from Tim).  Anya and Patrick got swimming certificates - both were very proud of themselves. Then we went to see Noddy at the Theatre, it was shockingly bad but the kids loved it!

The arrival of a new member of the Aspinall clan (they will take over the world) has made me very very clucky.  My lovely cousin Sarah welcomed Alice Rose into her brood. I really don't want any more children, I'm normally found balancing on the edge of controlling the one's I've got.  But there's this chunk of my heart that feels really sad that we'll never again play spot the grainy scan baby, never disagree on names, never laugh about epidurals (?) and being a wuss, never spend hours just staring at a new familiar face, never watch the little bundle of snuffles unfurl into a person.  Then I see this photo, realise that I just couldn't cope with this reality and regain my sanity (until the next baby comes near).
Quotes of the week - "Can I got to pajama club?" ~ Patrick, after careful questioning about what people do at this club (running around and shouting it seems), I worked out it was drama club. He wasn't so interested in going to drama club!
"When I grow up I want to be an archaeologist because the get weekends off and it's important to have a break at the weekend" ~ the ever practical Anya
"I'll take you for lunch but have you got long sleeves?" ~ the always romantic, Tim after I'd had my plaster cast taken off (my arm was quite manky, but still!)

Valentines thought of the week - "Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart" ~ Jack Johnson


  1. Hope Euan is ok. Love the shots of the kids.

  2. Tim's quote might be second favourite quote ever, after Patricks marriage one!

    Euan Ok? when's his appoitment?

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon!



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