Monday, 8 February 2010

Another dull week...

The highlight of this week was taking the boys to get their swine flu jabs (yes I realise that the whole thing has supposedly gone away and was never that bad in the first place but you never can tell!), it really has been a slow news week!

I'm very glad that when they invented February that they only put 28 days in it - it definitely feels like the longest month, you get a taster of longer days, the green shoots look like they are just dying to explode out, there is an odd corner of blue sky BUT.....then yet more snow is predicted, there's fog, it's still too cold to kick the kids out into the garden to play and if they did go out they would be up to their knees in mud! February is a tease.

Well on a positive note it's given me a chance to fiddle with Picasa (I love it! - Photoshop for Dummies), so here are some nice fiddled with photos and a collage of all my favourite family photos from 2009 (it's the front cover for our calendar for this year - normally a Christmas present but very belated this year!).

And this explains why the bird food disappears so quickly!

Thought of the week - "It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine" ~ Eeyore

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