Tuesday, 2 February 2010

No longer sleeping like a baby

Its been a week of firsts and some proud Mummy times.  It started with Euan sleeping in a big boy bed for a whole night (6.30pm until 8.00am - so slightly more than a whole night, what a dream child!).  He is very pleased with himself and has since been asking to go to bed at all opportunities.  What can't be seen in the photo are his big boy pants worn over the top of his PJs and nappy (that's the next nut to crack - yippee!).

The next excitement was Sunday morning - Anya and Patrick had their first swimming lessons (Yes - I have eaten my words and given in to peer pressure, nagging children and the prospect of hanging around in a pool on my weekends). Anya has been dying to have lessons and jumped straight in - she used a float for the first couple of widths but was keen to show off her abilities and was soon going backwards and forwards under her own steam.  Patrick was a different story - he used the this isn't happening strategy (the same one he used on the first day of school). I managed to strip him and get him on the side of the pool and after 15 minutes of refusing to go in, I was about to give up when he suddenly announced that he would go in but wouldn't wear arm bands. As the pool was 2m deep this wasn't an option, but he again quickly gave in and jumped into the pool, started swimming and looking over giving us a smug smile.

Sunday afternoon (after yet another sprinkling of snow in the morning), brought the first sun we've seen for ages. We managed to get the bikes out for the first time this year - note Bucks new helmet, he has a huge head and has grown out of the children's ones, this one is an adult helmet.

Quote of the week - "Incey Wincey spider climbed up the spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out, ROARRRRR" ~ Euan's take on the popular nursery rhyme.

Thought of the week - "A good mother is a teacher, not a servant" ~ Anorak

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