Friday, 1 January 2010

So much fun, so little time

I have managed to sneak the laptop out while we curled up in front of The Wizard of Oz (all 3 children are transfixed - who needs million pound computer wizardry when there is the greatest wizard of all!). We've had a pretty full on Christmas and New Year with much game playing, feasting, drinking, visiting and visitors, leaving very little time for whiling away the hours on here!

Christmas Eve signified the start of the partying (and the end of my cleaning/cooking anything I could catch hold of). Having escaped for 6 years it was our turn to host the annual Christmas Eve (Anya baby group) get together. The majority of my frantic housekeeping was undone in the hours they were here but it always makes for tired children keen to go to bed! Granny, Grandad, GG and Aunties Bags and Jax also made the party.

Christmas day had the earliest start yet with Anya and Patrick coming in to tell me that "he'd been" at 4am. I mumbled something about him coming to take the presents back if they didn't go to sleep for another hour! Auntie Jax had to go to work at 5.30 so we finally let them have their stockings then. Euan joined us later as he refused to get up!

Auntie Jax got back at 4pm when we opened the big presents (yes the kids CHOSE to wait!). We're still digesting favourite presents but Anya says she liked her football boots and Aston Villa away kit, Bucks says his favourite is "everything except not the mirror" (the said hand mirror was in his stocking, it says "you look like a beautiful princess" when a button is pressed, it is currently under his pillow for ease of access - I fear that peer pressure has reached my pink fairy loving son!), Euan is most protective over his big Thomas train but also must have his new Green eggs and ham story every night. I love my Hermes Nile perfume (no it doesn't smell like manky water) and my Kathy Lewis prints.
I'm quite amazed that we managed to have Christmas together at all, as the day before lots of roads had been closed by snow. We were also expecting a call from Auntie Kim about the imminent arrival of baby number two (due on the 22nd) - I suspect it's waiting for warmer weather as still not made an appearance.
Anya looks very please with herself here, the whole family share in her joy - another tooth has come out! We had a very dramatic evening on boxing day when the offending tooth wobbled inward and got stuck. She wouldn't let anyone touch it, she wouldn't touch it herself and couldn't close her mouth or swallow for a couple of hours - this meant having a towel to soak up the spit - it was a relief for everyone when it dropped out with no intervention!
New years eve was magic. We got the train to Birmingham to go and see George's Marvellous Medicine at the Old Rep, it was truly marvellous. Then having dragged Euan off the return train (he really loves trains), it was an 80s themed party to see 2010 in. The big children refused to give into sleep and Bucks was very proud that he stayed up later than the rest of his contemporaries (2am), the bigger kids refused to give up the 80s singstar (just call me Material Girl - and I was driving!). I'm paying the price today with a croaky throat.

This is a selection of the children at 11pm - they really didn't want a picture taken!

Quote of the season - "Ah, is that one of those willies?" ~ GG, not bad for an 85 year old - she meant Wii.

Thought of the week - "May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions" ~ Joey Adams

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