Monday, 18 January 2010

Snow more snow

The past week has pretty much been based around the house. I can't drive and the kids have had two days off school with the snow. The novelty of the plaster cast has evaporated. The silver lining is that I get five weeks off work, I have had a great lazy sofa day with Auntie Jax, I have found out that I've got some lovely friends and the whole thing has made me truly thankful to Mr GHD(I wish he would now invent single handed straighteners!). Here's my lovely blue cast - (toyed with purple but had that last time) - not brave enough to show my grim hair to the world!

We went for a very cold walk at the weekend to get everyone out of the house - it was one of those days where everyone was moany and Tim was jet lagged. The children were bribed with sweets to get them around! Roll on summer - Patch is searching the trees for leaves (as he knows that then it will be his birthday), Anya asked to go to school on Friday rather than be stranded at home and we all need some sunshine.


  1. Hiya! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have fun playing around with picasa!
    You're blog title is exactly what I'm feeling right now. Nice to know there are others out there who have moments (or lots of moments) of being "over tired" and stretched! yikes!

  2. Oh no! Poor you Chris! Glad you have some good friends to help out and really hope things get easier soon.

    I chuckled when you mentioned the sweet bribes for the walk - I have to do that with Sophie at times. She often says 'no' when I mention a walk, but when we get out and do one she ends up loving it.

    Hope it warms up a bit soon :) x


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