Monday, 1 June 2009

Being dragged back to reality

When I grow up I want to run away and join the Devil's Horsemen. They were so good - I was more impressed than the children but even they got sucked into the shows. The photos below show their Cossack show, think I will be practising for a while before I get to their standard!

Last week was half term and amazingly it coincided with a week of fantastic sunny weather. We made full use of it and went out everyday. The County Show was brilliant - Anya's favourite thing was the motorbike display, Patrick's the ice-cream and Euan's the tractors (he screamed when he was made to get off after a 20 minute sit and had to be bribed with another ice-cream).
We went paddling in a local stream, got the paddling pool out and had outside showers. If this is what the rest of summer is like I will be able to be much more relaxed.

We did have one day of tension - I took the kids for a haircut - Anya and Patch look much better, after half hour of chasing Euan around the shop he came out looking much the same as he went in!

I nearly forgot the most exciting happening of the week. We had a babysitter and went out for the first proper husband and wife grown-up evening that I can remember since Euan was born. It was a really nice night so we took the midlife crisis (otherwise known as Tim's MG) out to the pub in the next village for a meal. Had a really nice time but did do a bit of clock watching, we're not used to late nights! Tim has plans for the next one already.

Thought for the week - "You're only has good as your last haircut." ~ Fran Lebowitz


  1. They Like The Dora Pirate Ship Then??

    Sounds Good!! Looking Forward To Seeing U All Soon!!

    x x x

  2. Awesome photographs! What a fabulous time you had. The Show looks incredible and so much fun. So pleased you had a night out too and have recovered from the haircut dramas - always unpredictable in our house too! Sophie's dreadlocks are forever a battle and more than once I've just taken scissors to them as I don't have half an hour to spend with deep conditioner and a comb - and she certainly doesn't have the patience to allow that! A definite surf chick in the making!


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