Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Six things I love about you

I love that you are different to everyone else, no-one can ever predict your choices, they are tomboy with a pink edging.

I love that you are enthusiastically sporty - where does that come from?

I love that your teeth are all wobbly and you have to show us every day how much more movement there is - you are so excited about growing up but are enjoying the wobbling moment too.

I love that your hair has a mind of it's own - it's not curly or straight, it's dark with light streaks, it never stays where it's meant to - a bit like you.

I love that you feel free to run but sneak back for cuddles and reassurance

I love holding hands with you in our secret way.

Happy birthday Pops xo


  1. Awww, Happy Birthday Anya! A beautiful tribute from your amazing Mummy! I particularly like your 'secret hand holding' - I am only allowed to 'blow' Charli kisses, however she often holds my hand, which I like very much.

    Hope you had a fabulous time celebrating and the wobbly teeth bring a 'tooth fairy' (or 'football fairy') moment soon! xx

  2. Aww I Might Cry U Big Softie!!

    Cant Wait To See Her Sat!! I Really Hope She Likes The Crystal!! Im Going To Turn Her Into A Spiderman Loving Geek Like Me!! (Half Way There!!!) x x x x m


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