Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Why why why oh why and other great unanswered questions?

Why do the smallest sweetest looking little boys become the most physical in a group? Patrick had his first visit to the school he will start in September. After a story, some gluing, juice and (just!) one biscuit the children went to play outside.

The class will have 10 boys and 5 girls in, I think this will be a huge shock to the teacher who has had this ratio in the opposite direction for the last 2 years since she finished collage. The mini-testosterone haze already could be felt when it came to the red 2-seater bikes in the playground. The two smallest boys had a punch-up and had to be pulled apart when one felt it was his turn. Meanwhile Patrick was being dragged off the other bike by the youngest, equally small, blonde boy.

The biggest, tallest (not necessarily oldest) boys all seemed to be very quiet and gentle in comparison and when being bossed by the small ones, just did what they were told. I wonder how long this will last?

When asked what he thought of school he said it was OK but didn't want to see that little boy again.

The other why questions - Why do the most girly looking, blondest, longest haired, flounciest dressed girls always have the loudest voice and have the worst behavior? And why do their parents laugh about it? Why do men think that the slightest glint of sun warrants taking their tops off? And why do these men always have the worst bodies? Someone needs to let them know that less is more.


  1. Well, you certainly raised some serious questions to which I have no answers - but laughed (in sympathy) at your reflections! The photos you found had me in stitches too! Best wishes cous :)

  2. Hello Chris,
    You preface your blog by saying you'd love to have the time and energy to think of witty things to write, and then you go and write something like this! Yes, yes, all very interesting questions, and I don't have answers to them. But I do like your bikini-clad men, and I remember very well my sons' first days at school and some of these very same incidents! I'm sure you'll have many more 'why, oh whys' as Patrick progresses through his school career! Secondly, thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I'm in the middle of preparing a 'retrospective' for my 100th post tomorrow (I'm afraid I'm given to rather expansive gestures of this nature!) and your comment just made my day. Thank you so much! By the way, I'm in the UK too. Best wishes,


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