Monday, 22 June 2009

All partied out again!

An advantage of coming from a large family is the never ending birthdays and the associated parties. A disadvantage of coming from a large family is the never ending birthdays and the associated parties. At the end of Anya's birthday week (no one-day birthday celebration in our house!), we had a huge family meal at a Chinese restaurant in Gloucester. Within a month we have 6 birthdays (this year including Meeba's 1st and GG's 85th) so rather than lots of individual parties we had one big one (Anya had her 3rd cake of the week there - spot all 3 below!)
We arrived in Gloucester a bit early to let the kids have a run around before the meal. We went to the newly developed docks. There are lots of posh shops (well posh for Gloucester) that have just openned and we let the children cause chaos in. I'm being indulgent and putting in this photo from the docks;

These photos were taken by Anya in Gloucester Docks, can see a winning entry for next year's photo competition (she didn't win this year but a close up photo of tree bark is being exhibited next week at a local gallery).

Sunday was Father's Day, after being lovely and letting Tim have a late sleep (despite craving it myself after a week of forced early starts by No.3) we went strawberry picking. It was quite busy when we got there but the field quickly emptied as the sky's opened. We all enjoyed it so much we moved onto the next field to pick rhubarb, gooseberries and blackcurrants (they made a fab crumble).

The weekend was topped of by a Children's party (not going to start - promise, even though it was an afore mentioned David Oakley one!), and a speedy visit to the beer garden at the pub on the way home.

My personal big news of the week was reaching a healthy BMI at fat fighters - this is the first time I have been officially a healthy weight for years. I now have to set myself a goal weight - I'm finding this quite difficult as I still feel the same as I always did and I'm not sure I'll ever be satisfied with the lumps and bumps of my tummy?

Quotes of the week - To Patrick when he was talking while cycling up a huge hill "you should save your breathe" he starts breathing very deeply then shouts "Anya, Anya - I'm saving my breathe", repeats frequently until we reach the top of the hill.

When talking to Anya about learning to play an instrument - "when you're a bit older you can learn to play the guitar". "Then when I'm over 9, please can I have an air guitar". Not being in charge of family finances had to refer this one to her Dad!

Euan in the back of the car singing to self - "E I E I ch ch". Took me a while to work out (and a hint from Anya) that it was We will rock you.

Thought of the week - "Music is what life sounds like" ~ Eric Olson

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  1. Awesome photos! Love the vibrant colours in the fruit picking shots and Anya's amazing shots from the docks.

    Congrats on the BMI and I'm so in awe of you giving Tim a lie in on Father's Day - especially since you've had so many early starts and been so sleep deprived yourself!

    Loving your quotes as always!


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