Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Unwelcome Visitors

The last week has been a pretty stressful one!

I've been on a very fun course (not - work related death - oh joy!) in Birmingham on Tuesday and Wednesday. The first night I got home at about 6.30pm to find the kids playing on the Wii eating Quality Street. They should have had their tea, been in PJs and having a story - on the bright side at least Tim had remembered to pick them up!

Thursday was meant to be a day for myself to catch up (read clean there, again - oh joy!), but Euan's under-chin-golf-balls made a return so I spent the morning at the doctors and giving cuddles.

The day just got better and better - after lunch I made a grim discovery in his nappy (enough to say something waving back). I freaked and called Tim to get him to go to the chemist. Thought I would try to calm down and stop Euan grizzling by taking the dog out. During the walk Tim rang to say that the chemist wouldn't give him anything for under 2s, so I thought I would try the doctors. I found that Thursday PM they are closed, but there is a baby clinic, decided to ask the health visitor about what to do. Huge queue and 20 minutes before school pick-up, so queue jumped to see health visitor - saw her and burst into tears (unwelcome visitors + PMT + very little sleep the night before = irrational mother). She took me into a side room and went to ring a doctor. I could hear a bit of a commotion in the waiting room (even over the top of my sniffs and Euan crying in sympathy) - realised that the dog had got off her lead and was trying to find me amongst a sea of new born babies and panicky mums!

Finally got us all dosed up and the house scrubbed and bleached by Friday.

Tim spent the weekend in the Middle East so Auntie Bags came up for support (so I wasn't quite as out numbered). The idea was to put the little darlings to bed, eat unhealthy snacks, drink cider and watch a chick flick. The reality was a pale and interesting Ba Bags who just wanted to go to bed (hope you're better now XO) but I bravely worked my way through the cider.

Had very few nice photo ops this week, but I'm pleased that I've managed to get all 3 of my angels looking in vaguely the right direction in the photo below (taken on a walk to get out of the house in order to keep me sane).

Quote of the week - The time to relax is when you don't have time for it. ~ Attributed to both Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris

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