Saturday, 10 January 2009

Happy arrivals

This week has had two huge excitements - the first was snow the second was a tangle teezer arriving.

Monday saw Anya back at school and in typical fashion we opened the curtains to the most snow we've had for a while, enough for a decent snowball fight. Anya and Patch had time for a quick play before school. Walking across the school playground was a bit scary, but it did make the children forget about having to go back to school after the Christmas break. A snowy back garden.

The other thing that brought lots of excited ohs and ahs (at least from me) was the arrival of a tangle teezer (as seen on Dragon's Den) - it is the best thing ever and the inventor should get the Nobel peace prize. It has brought calm in the mornings to our house, no longer do I have to chase Anya around the house with a brush attacking the knotty hedge that is Anya's hair. It even makes hair softer! Everyone needs one in their life. Who would believe that a lump of plastic would bring so much happiness?

On a less happy note I started on Weight Watchers again - target is to lose about 1 1/2 stone this will get me down to a healthy BMI. 2lb gone since Tuesday so may hit my target in time to put it all back on next Christmas. I think Tim and I will have to keep looking at our Wii-me on the Wii fit to get inspiration - the kids think they are very funny and keep asking why they are so fat.

Today we went to try and get walking Euan some proper shoes, were unsuccessful (why are all boys shoes so nasty and why is it that the only pair that are nice are never in the right size?). Did get another nunchuk for the Wii so that the kids can virtually beat each other to a pulp rather than draw real blood (this weeks parenting challenge).

Look a walking Euan :)

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