Sunday, 18 January 2009

Say Cheese

Surprisingly after huge storms over night both days this weekend have been clear, blue and bright so we've taken the chance to spend lots of it outside.

The local newspaper has been advertising a children's photography competition, so to prevent the children moaning about yet another walk, I gave them both a camera thinking that as they would take hundreds of photos, one might be usable. The results were pretty good (although Patch did take a few hundred of the floor) and made the walk very enjoyable, here's some of the best.
Patricks -

Anya's -

Saturday afternoon we braved the swimming pool - the children all love it, me being miserable can only think of the hell that is getting dry and changed post swim. Patch found a friend and spent lots of time climbing out of the pool and jumping back in to try and make the biggest splash possible. Anya isn't far off swimming all on her own, she's at the stage where she's just under the surface. She needs to learn to lift her head up, one to see where she's going and two, to breath.

Sunday we went to the park with bikes and football. The idea was to get Anya to have a go at riding without stabilizers on the grass (a tip from a friend). The reality was yet more tears and the stabilizers back on - she is completely able to ride a bike but has no confidence at all. She agreed today that she would have a go with Grandad as he has taught the many Aunties to do it. I'm thinking at least it won't be us she's screaming at.

We had a family film and popcorn afternoon - we watched Enchanted (excellent film). Anya gets so sucked into films she gets very emotionally involved - this film she was in floods on 4 separate occasions. The worst time was (!spoiler alert!) the happy ending when the two main characters married each other (after dumping their previous loves) - she was upset that they were marrying the wrong people. Will never take her to the cinema!

Finally for the funniest moment of this week - watch Tim invisable hula hooping......

Quote of the week - Patrick "when I grow up I want to be a farmer and a painter. I'll paint our house pink but I won't be able to do the roof because farmers can't go on roofs, can they?"

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