Monday, 2 February 2009

Children are funny weird.

My children are very strange, they have been playing a cowboy game this week, where they call themselves William & Kate. Nice names you may think but William is the cowgirl and Kate the cowboy. I think they may have been teased on the ranch.

Patrick is very pleased with himself and has been dieing to go to bed - he has just got a Cars bed tent (one that fits over the top of his bed). He got it as a reward for sleeping in his own bed since boxing day. The year prior to this he shared a bed with Anya after he got scared of the fireworks on bonfire night. To begin with she didn't mind but as time went on she had a bit of a moan - we began to worry that she might be bringing a boyfriend home (obviously when she's about 30 or so) and have to ask her brother to move over!

At the weekend we visited Granny and Grandad on their wedding anniversary. We saw all the various Aunties and GG, the kids were thoroughly spoilt and very happy. We went out for lunch and then for an ice-cream at Winstones icecream factory. It is impossible to visit Granny without visiting the common, even when it's subzero!

Quote of the week - "Dinosaurs live in a faraway land, but can the Flyadactyls fly to our house?" - Patrick. Monsters are playing on his mind a lot!

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