Friday, 2 January 2009

357 days until Christmas

Only 2 days and then back to normal life. Not sure how well we are going to cope with getting up in the mornings again.

Some of us had a very early start on Christmas morning - Euan woke up at 4.30am - he went back to sleep but we didn't, we were too excited! We lay in bed talking until the kids finally woke up at 6.30. We quickly unwrapped stocking presents, had a fry up and went down to Granny and Grandads where the real mountain of presents were. Anya was most excited about seeing everyone (GG, Gran, Grandad, Aunties Kim, Jax and Bags, Uncle Simon, Ris ris ris and Amelia) - not sure how long that comes over presents but hope it lasts. Tim says his most exciting part of Christmas is GGs (very) sherry trifle.

The muscles are real

Out playing football on boxing day

Anya was completely made up with her football top with her name on the back (I've had to wash it over night), Patrick has flitted around but does love his Dora Castle and Spiderman stuff. Euan as ever just loves anything with wheels. We've also been watching videos - Anya cried her way through Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E - she gets so wrapped up in them!

Between Christmas and New Year we mainly played with all our Christmas presents - particularly the Wii fit (a christmas present to ourselves - video of Tim hula hooping to come!!). Am very proud that our Wii ages are 35 and 33 (that's me and has come down to 21 today - not quite sure how but it says my body is in very good condition!?).

Anya came running into our room shouting Happy New Year. We've spent the last four new years at various friends houses, with an ever growing number of children, so can't think why she was so excited! This year there were 8 grown ups (well they were when they arrived!) and 10 children. Anya managed to stay awake until about 1am and we gave in at 4am (Wii and alcohol are a dangerous combination). I was up at 6am when Patch and his friend were running around with his torch!

The big news was that Euan started walking (again, after no steps since bonfire night) - although he still prefers to crawl. Every time he walks he gives himself a clap and waits for everyone to cheer - he is going to be such a pain when he gets older!

Quote of the year - Anya in a very loud voice in Asda - "I like mine big and hard" - Worried looks pass between me and Tim - High fives that is!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - I'm really looking forward to 2009 - made all the more promising by a holiday to South of France in August booked today!

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