Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The start of the rainbow......

Anya is now officially a Rainbow (a proud moment for me as I never got further than the Brownie waiting list!). She made her promise in a barn at a freezing cold reindeer farm. After the promises were made we had a chance to see Father Christmas and meet Rudolf (apparently it wasn't cold enough for his nose to turn red yet). Euan started screaming when the reindeer was brought in - he queue jumped and was the fist to stroke it, screaming with excitement the whole time, had to take him away when he tried to stick his finger up it's nose!
Both Anya and Patrick went to see pantomimes. Didn't get much out of Anya apart from she had to sit next to Eve on the bus and she would have preferred to sit next to Jack. Patch told me that there was a very fat man with pink hair and a blue dress, there was water and he got wet trousers but it was OK because they were dry now, he was scared but didn't cry and he sat next to Finley and Cameron.

Auntie Bags, Granny and Grandad visited on Saturday, Anya was very happy as we took them to the Chinese buffet. I think she felt very let down by the lack of chicken satay sticks though!
After we revisited Father Christmas on Cannock Chase, it was very quiet so we managed to see him this time. Anya went through her list of football related presents. Patrick decided that this one was a bit frightening and refused to even look at him. We were given 2 mini trees to plant (although I'm sure that by the time I get around to planting them they will have died - just like last year!). Anya said she liked this elf the best - her theory on the vast number of different Father Christmases, is that they are all elf helpers who report back to the real thing. Had a nice, if very muddy, walk before going home and very tearful goodbyes.

Thought of the week - "I want to be what I was when I wanted to be what I am now" - Graffiti, London, 1980

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