Thursday, 29 March 2012

SkyWatch Friday - The folly on the hill

So, following my resignation from my current job and prior to starting my new job, I've got 5 weeks leave to take.  The best bit about this so far has been the weather, clear blue skies going on forever.  Putting the weather and my time off to good use (and avoiding cleaning) I managed to squeeze in a local Geocache (google it - you'll thank me!!).  The cache is at the top of a hill on the Estate I walk the dog on, I've never been to this corner before.
This monument is called the Triumphal Arch.  James 'Athenian' Stuart modelled this monument on the Arch of Hadrian at Athens (according to wiki!). Work began in 1761 using stone from the Tixall quarries. Admiral George Anson of Shugborough died the following year and it is possible his brother, Thomas Anson, decided the arch should become a memorial to his brother.
It looks like the local youths have been looking for something interesting to do for quite a long time - hoping that my kids initials don't find their way onto here!!
I got carried away by these skies - go and get carried away around the world at SkyWatch Friday.


  1. Right you are! Those skies are way better than here this week! Deep blue and they even have an interesting arch with a goecache under them...WIN! Sounds like you and the kids are having a great time with your break.

  2. Interesting series, and that last shot is superb. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Brilliant blue skies really set off the tree and arch! Thanks for your visit and comment today...have a wonderful weekend!!


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