Saturday, 4 February 2012

Remembering the Chinese whispers and other children's games

Today patch was telling me about a programme he watched. It was about the men who'd built a bridge. It took them 7 years and they were just packing the ladders away. King Henry 8th opened it and they gave it a gold badge. Turns out he was talking about old-time kids TV programme Blue Peter visiting the Forth Bridge, built 120 years ago and opened by King Edward 7th and it did indeed get a gold Blue Peter badge.  I love that the Kings all end up being Henry 8th - not a nice man but very memorable!

We've had the first snow of the year today. Couldn't keep the biggies inside but despite learning about the Arctic at school and banging on about snow facts for weeks, Eu lasted approximately 3 minutes. He's a true Brit and doesn't do weather.
Staying in means he gets to spend more time with Charlie the class bear. We've been trying to find interesting places for photos. So far managed the shoe shop and the supermarket (C- for this project I fear! Everyone else has done pages of very highbrow places)

I've just found this very un-PC map - made me laugh.....

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  1. I think the map may be a little bit harsh on Australia!! But I take the point.

    Stewart M - Australia


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