Monday, 20 February 2012

Charlie bear comes to stay

I'm Charlie the Class 1 Bear and this week I have been to stay with Euan and his very loud family.  I was very lucky to have some time to myself as Euan's Mummy kept forgetting to take me with the family on their trips (too many people and as I'm only little and very quiet I got left behind). 
We found a lovely Charlie Bear bag when we were getting some new school shoes. I will be putting that on my Christmas present list!

We had quite a bit of snow, Euan and I thought it was a bit cold and wet and didn't really enjoy playing in it. We loved the hot chocolate to warm us up though!
Euan and I made a huge Lego city, I was careful not to go too close to the Lego dragons as they were a bit scary.
Euan was very kind and let me try all sorts of lovely food. He even shared his milkshake with me!

Euan's favourite film is Star Wars, he talks about it ALL the time.  I watched it with him and I'm hooked too. When I grow up I want to be an Ewok and Euan is going to be Yoda.

I enjoyed going to Euan's swimming lesson, he let me borrow his goggles so I didn't get water in my eyes.  

I had another great week of adventures and I'm looking forward to meeting the next person from Class 1.


  1. Wow Charlie, you have been busy! How kind of Euan to share his week and his family with you - it sounds like you had soooo much fun. Probably the best fun you'll have all term, if we're honest!

  2. Euan and Charlie are very busy,as a boy and his bear should be.
    I just came by from my own blog and you are welcome to visit anytime you are in California! I can't promise perfect weather everyday but pretty close!
    I am going to try out a Lemon cake recipe this week.


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