Tuesday, 8 December 2009

One in one out

We had a flying visit from Tim (a whole 18 hours - dumped his washing and ran) - here's a photo to prove his existence (and need of haircut)!We had a disco party on Saturday (1 3/4 hours of clingy children followed by 15 minutes of mad dancing!) and a playbarn party on Sunday (lucky Auntie Jax got to come to this one!)

Our cat died in October, I started to prepare a post but couldn't finish it. I also couldn't bring myself to tell the kids about it so waited until they asked. Well as Martha was a pretty self sufficient cat they only asked where she was this week. I explained that she was 15, which is pretty old for a cat and that she was very poorly, so I had to take her to the vets, where she went to sleep and didn't wake up. I don't believe in the fluffy cloud, angel filled, pictures of heaven so wanted to keep that out of my explanation. Bucks' next question - "Where is she now?". Don't say heaven, don't say heaven, don't say heaven - "She's in heaven". "How did she get there?" - thankfully I didn't have a chance to answer that one before he was asking if we were getting kitten like Auntie Bags.
Well, I seemed to have failed in dragging myself out of my bah humbug mood...I've promised the children that we'll put up the decorations at the weekend, so maybe next time!

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