Monday, 21 December 2009

4 sleeps and counting

The most amazing thing happened this week - after a year Euan finally allowed the hairdresser to get within arms reach of him! The result wasn't very sculptured (as he still didn't want the scissors near him) but as Anya said "a least he doesn't look like a girl any more". He's styling himself as Max from Where the wild things are.

We had a quick trip to see Father Christmas (quick because so cold, it definitely felt like Lapland). On the way in there were a few reindeers, Bucks wanted to know why they weren't flying (lying on my feet - they only fly when it gets dark - when it comes to lying do as I say not as I do!).

Anya was the only one who would stand near Father Christmas but even she went very quiet when asked what she wanted for Christmas - I think she whispered a surprise. This is very lucky as I have finished the shopping and wrapped the presents (had a bottle of wine while doing the wrapping so I'm a bit worried about the labelling!) - I can definitely guarantee that there will be a surprise on Friday morning.

Today I met a friend and took hyped up kids and dogs for a long walk along the canal. The idea was to wear them all out. It didn't really work, they all tried throwing themselves onto the frozen water, skating on the solid puddles and fighting over the longest sticks (how do you spot where a 4 year old boy lives - there is a pile of sticks on the doorstep!), so rather than be tired out they were bouncing off each other! We were forced into the pub to warm up as the cake and hot chocolate cafe had shut early - a nice small glass of red did calm me down slightly!

Quote of the week - "Look, Father Christmas" Euan pointing wildly at Father Water the highlight of the everlasting, dull end of term Christmas Mass. I think it was the colourful outfit and beard that did it!

Thought of the week - "Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us." ~ Boris Pasternak

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  1. You saw REAL reindeer! I'm so jealous!

    Good on you for getting out and braving it - the photos are fabulous and loving the drunken labelling - enjoy the surprises on Christmas morning! x

    And that glass of red in the pub sounds just the ticket ;)


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