Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Now where did I put that festive spirit?

I'm struggling once again to find my blogging mojo. I have a very painful back (I think it's just wear and tear - time for some sort of refurb) and Tim is away (currently in Germany, next Egypt, ending somewhere in the USA) so I'm feeling the daily grind. This isn't helped by the various extra seasonal activities and donations sprung on me (today I've found out that I have to give 2xjam jars filled with sweets or toys to school on Friday - I will be emptying jam down the sink at midnight on Thursday!).

I did have a fun, but very full on, day of Christmas shopping last week with friends - it was my only childfree opportunity so had to get every present - with a little help from Amazon I'm done! When I got all the presents out at home, Father Christmas is being a bit more generous than I was intending! Now I just need to get the children to write Christmas lists that match what I've bought.
Rather than spending the weekend shouting at hyped up kids at home we went to visiting. We managed to empty every toy out of Beeba's toy box and fill it with children. Then went and ate lots of chocolate at GGs (she was secretly pleased to be left on her own to watch the tennis), to add to the chaos of GGs we got to meet Ba Bags new boyfriend there (we like to call him Bill). Patch was very intrigued by this boyfriend thing, asking if he was living at Granny's house or had just come for a sleepover, and wondering if Ba Bags had kissed him (for those that are interested, the answer is yes but only on the cheek - good thing too as I'm very protective of my little sister). He seems very nice, he coped with four children and a dog all afternoon (always a good sign), as far as I can tell she appears to have found a boy version of herself.

Sunday was a dreaded magician party - this was one was done in very beautiful style with lots of fancy bows and pretty cakes (far too much reading of design mags going on there Mrs Smith!).

Quotes of the week - To Anya - "Can you go and put your PJs on?" "No - I'll put them on in the Simpsons break, that's why it was invented"
Patrick - when looking at a map of the world "That's the snowpole"

Thought of the week - "Those that don't believe in magic will never find it" ~ Roald Dahl
Well that's all my moaning for one week - will try to be a little less bah-humbug in the future.

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  1. Hi lovey,

    Sounds pretty full on with Tim away and I'm sure you'll find your Christmas spirit when he's homeward bound.

    I just did my Christmas shopping for the girls and shall now be avoiding all shops until well into the New Year!

    Love the photos and quotes.

    Sarah x


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