Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A big fat SMALL

Today I bought myself a skirt, I spotted it a while back but it took until today for me to decide that I might actually get some wear out of it (skirts are not practical in soft play areas). The lady in the shop pointed the rack out, I went to pick up a Large, she gave me the Small. There was no medium so I took both sizes to the changing room. The small not only fit but looked pretty good.

This happy event is the result of a nearly two year diet (with a break when I went back to work after maternity leave, I needed the cakes to get me through the day). At the beginning I would have been happy losing a stone, now nearly 3 and a half stone lighter I still look in the mirror and see just as many lumps and bumps as there were before. In fact in my hyper critical eyes some bits are worse - the bingo wings were kept tort with a layer of fat and my rounded tummy didn't look quite as saggy (it's amazing how much carrying around 3 baby elephants impacts on the skin!).

So, I'm 2lb away from my Fat Fighter goal, this time last year I would have never thought that possible. I've never been a size 10 before, going straight from age 10 labels to size 14. I think I need a bit more practice at self love and accept that although my bikini days are behind me that I'm actually in pretty good shape.

Thought of the day - "Now crisps are high in fat, but they're also low in protein and low in
fibre! See, it's not all bad!" ~ Marjorie Dawes


  1. Your Look AMAZING!!!! Never Forget It! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  2. Congratulations! I thought you were looking pretty darn amazing in your photos from holiday. You should feel so proud of yourself and wear your new skirt with pride. Bring on the self love I say :) x


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