Tuesday, 15 September 2009

As happy as a horse in a hat

Real life once again gets in the way of my virtual one. So instead of trying to clear the house of a layer of debris, making the lunches for tomorrow and sorting out important parcels to get to post box in the morning, I've sneaked onto here!

The big event in the last couple of weeks was Patrick starting school. He began the school holidays by saying he wasn't going to go. Rather than argue, I just told him he didn't have to go yet. He continued this all through the holiday and until the morning he was to start. The evening before I laid out his uniform - he looked at it and said "I'll put it on but I'm not going". The day arrived he put his uniform on and I asked to take a photo. His response - "You can take a photo but I'm not going". So we got him out of the front door, shut the door, then he started screaming "Let me back in the house, I'm not going". We dragged him up the road, luckily his friend heard him screaming and waited for us. He went very quiet until we arrived at school and then he gave us a kiss goodbye and ran inside without looking back!

He feed back on the day was that there was a very naughty girl in the class who had broken his friend's model, scratched someone and had thrown a ball over the fence. And that he was going to go back as the jar of marbles wasn't full, when it 's full the class gets a party. He's been really happy going in and coming out every day since. I'm slightly worried that he seems to only be playing with Anya and her friends but so far she hasn't complained, I think she's enjoying playing the big sister!

Other exciting things:

I grabbed another day western riding (I so want to grow up to be a cowboy!). This horse is the very lovely Carlos.

Tim and I had an evening to ourselves, we saw Dave Gorman a very funny man who happens to be from Stafford. He is currently on a stand up tour of the UK and is cycling from one venue to the next. He had cycled 68 miles the day we saw him, I would have had to take the next year to recover!

We all dug up the 'bounty' of vegetables in our garden - should keep us fed for at least one meal!

Anya and I went to the party in the park, a celebration of the 100th birthday of the girl guides. Anya went as she's a rainbow, I went as I seem to have been sucked in as a leader - I'm Rainbow Butterfly (named by the girls - I had a near miss as Rainbow Dolphin!)

Including this photo as it makes me smile.

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  1. Hello Rainbow Butterfly!

    Love that Patrick is happy to keep going back to school, '...as the jar of marbles wasn't full, when it's full the class gets a party.' I wouldn't worry that he's playing with Anya and her friends for a while - I'm sure by the end of the term he'll be running around with some of his own friends too. Charli likes to play with a lot of the older children at her school too (they go up to age 10).

    Superb that you got out on a horse again and had a night out with hubbie.

    Enjoy your meal of veggies. Same happens at our house, but the memories of 2 week's of eating peas from the pod are still sweet. Our tomato plants lasted the longest and kept bearing for us for weeks. The strawberries and blueberries were like treasure - as the birds usually got in fast (or the children!). Must put up some netting this year.

    And finally, loving that wig! Sarah x


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