Monday, 28 September 2009

Getting to the bottom of it

We've spent another busy week with another quiet weekend to recover!

Work saw very little of me (again) - don't want them to get too used to seeing me around. Anya was sent home with a rotten cold on Wednesday, I would have just dosed her up with Calpol but didn't want to risk disapproving looks from baby police. I had to take Thursday off to take Patch for a hearing test - he was referred in April after his 4 year check because of his poor speech, although in the last 5 months his speech has improved drastically (most of the improvement seems to have happened in the last two weeks). But rather than discover a problem later I thought it was worth taking him.

He was asked to play with toys and do various things with them to check he could hear the instructions. He looked at man and lady doing the tests as though they were from Mars! Eventually with a bribe of Series 4 Go-Gos and seeing the test as a competition with me, he completed all the activities. It turns out that his hearing is fine, and that he just chooses not to hear us!

The highlight of my weekend was clearing out my mobile skip or car as some may call it. I had a keen helper - who discovered a hat from last winter under one of the seats!

We tried Patch without any stabilisers on his bike but his balance (or more likely his ability to look where he's going) still weren't up to it, so he got the rebound ones from Anya's bike - these make him much more wobbly and so these took lots of shouting and getting used to.

Quote of the week - "today I had pasta and marbles for lunch" ~ Patrick managed to eat his way through the meatballs.
Thought of the week - “No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen.” ~ Jewish Proverb

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  1. Haha I Love These Photos!!! Euan Being Helpful (Love The Hat) Patrick Beautiful Angry Face And Anya Showing Off! :) Miss U x x x


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