Monday, 10 August 2009

Walks on the wild side

Spot the feral children. It finally stopped raining long enough to let the children run free without wellies and waterproofs. We visited a variety of parks, the local Wildlife Trust Centre's 40th Birthday celebrations, went for bike rides, had sprinkler fights in the garden, played football and tried out skate boards. Patrick's amazing sense of fashion - the making of this ensemble is the inside out t-shirt! Have a feeling that he may become a designer - this is the look of 2025, you have been warned! Click on the picture to get the full multicoloured, multipatterned effect.
Anya was very proud of herself after mastering swinging the swing alone! Euan was equally proud of himself having a first go on a big boy swing.Euan has lots of love to share with all types of animals - he particularly likes cok-cor-rowls, but this one crossed the line at trying to get his ice-cream.

We managed to have a family picnic on Saturday followed more ice-cream and more playing in the park. I feel better that we had a jam packed Saturday as Tim and I were very incapable on Sunday - we really are old enough to know better and I am firmly back on the wagon! On Saturday night we went to a Barn Dance in a real (cow manure smelling) barn. The venue was perfect, the sun set over acres of ready to harvest wheat and shone in, through the great barn doors, on the band. The band played on a stage constructed from a wagon, while the smell of the hog-roast nearly masked the farmyard smells! It was bring your own booze and as we were walking the few miles home we did our best to have nothing to carry back. It was a brilliant night, my first but definitely not my last barn dance!
The never to be looked at again photo - A very pretty flower from our picnic.
Quote of the week - "There's Eu-Eu" ~ Euan looking at himself in a photo.

Thought of the week - "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut" ~ Ernest Hemingway


  1. Ha, ha! Loving that last quote! The barn dance sounds absolutely my cup of tea (or rather, something stronger!) and all the better that you only had a short distance to stagger home over the fields. Great to see the rain stopped and you had a chance to get out and enjoy the fabulous countryside on your doorstep.

    LOVE the photo of the three of them on the bench - so gorgeous!

    Oh, and thanks for the 2025 style tip - I'll bear it in mind - I think you might be right about a certain young man's designer ambitions! It's so great that he has so much confidence to be so independent with his style choices - long may it last!

  2. Love It!! Very Proud Of Them All Too!! Patch Really Does Have Great Fashion Sense!!

    Looking Forward To Seeing U All x x x x


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