Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Never work with children or animals

Ruby is our fifth beagle. By now I should really understand how the brain of a beagle operates. If I had thought about how her brain works for more than a millisecond then perhaps I may have had a more relaxing afternoon and a longer walk.

Euan was at nursery and I had dropped the other two off at Yogabugs, I had an hour and a half to myself (first time for a long time!). I finished a doughnut off at lunch so thought I could walk it off. This is a photo of the gorgeous field I began walking through - note the cows, they are the origin of all the later evil!

So being nice and relaxed I let my guard down and let Ruby of her lead. She galloped off at full pelt heading for the first wet cow pat - now this is the thought that ran through her head "eat it or wear it?". This photo shows the conclusion of that particular decision.

My choice then was walk home through the village with a poo splattered dog or 'encourage' her to go for a swim. The result of that choice is shown in the next photo. The twist in this tail/tale is that all five beagles we have owned hated water, but on showing her the river, Ruby jumped straight in (no throwing involved). May be after five years she has finally learnt about consequences?

I will not start on the cat, except to say if she wasn't so expensive she'd be dead!

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