Monday, 3 August 2009

Jigging in a field

I am definitely getting old, gone are the days of clubbing until the sun comes up, loud rock music and so much beer the events of the night get blurred. Instead the whole family spent Saturday at the Cambridge Folk Festival, listening to the jiggy music, having a very civilised picnic (with hummus and crudite) and splashing out on a Pims!

Euan and I enjoyed shaking along to a band in the bar tent, Steamchicken were very funny and got everybody moving.

Anya and her friend Jack wiggled along with The Shee.

Patrick liked the cockroaches thrown out by the storyteller.

Everyone liked having a try with the flower-sticks.
We will definitely making a return visit. BUT we will pay more attention to how we got from the carpark to the festival site and not rely on 'helpful' strangers sending us to the wrong carpark in the pouring rain (a less than 5 minute dry walk turned into a circular lost wet hour walk!).

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  1. Wow, what a fabulous festival! Love all your photographs, they so capture the magic moments.


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