Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A mixed bag

Another action packed week including: bowling, a trip to the cinema (Patch's first time - he loved it and didn't move for nearly 2 hours - we WILL be making a return visit), colouring in trees with chalk (I didn't get it either but it kept them occupied for over an hour), paddling in freezing rivers, more parks and ice-creams. The down side of the week was the wasp stinging Euan and a Sunday afternoon birthday party (boo) but no magician (hurrah - it was a Punch and Judy show).

Granny, Grandad and Ba Bags visited, we had an early Euan birthday celebration at the Chinese buffet then went and lusted after classic cars (and in Euan's case steam trains).

Quotes of the week -
To Patrick "you have an eyelash on your cheek". Patch "No I haven't, I'm a boy!". It took a while but I managed to work out that he was once again living his life through The Simpsons where only the girls are drawn with eyelashes. As my Dad used to say to me "If you had a brain you'd be dangerous".
"Look at that car over there, it's dirtier than a whistle" ~ Anya. Spot the well known phrase or saying.
"Who are you going to marry?"
Patch "Auntie Jax, because she's on her own"
"Why not Ba Bags?"
Patch (while looking at me as though I'm stupid) "she's already married to Granny and Grandad"
Anya (pointing out the obvious flaw in the plan) "You can't married Aunty Jax, she's too old for you"
Thought of the week - "He who strikes the first blow admits he's lost the argument" ~ Chinese proverb


  1. Patricks Been To The Cinema Before. He Went To See The Simpsons?!

    And Im Slightly Depressed By Patricks Comments, I Am Off To Eat Some Fatty Marshmallows. But I Do Like The Fact He Is Only Not Marrying Me Because Im Already Married!!

    Seen My New Photos?? I Just Got A New Camera To Take Fancy Photos With!! Woo x
    x x x

  2. That is true but as he was only just 2 I decided it didn't count as he wouldn't/doesn't remember!

    I'll let you go and cook dinner for your housband/wife.



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