Monday, 13 July 2009

Start running and don't look back

Patrick had his first solo school visit this week - he was very quiet about it and held very tightly to my hand when we went in. The teacher had to busy him away to play with salt dough so I could leave without any tears. I was a bit worried about how he would get on but when I picked him up he was very happy and full of stories about playing with Anya and ice-cream wrapped in strawberry (i.e. Arctic roll) for lunch (seems he's got his priorities for school sorted). We're both looking forward to September now.

I also had to bring Anya home from school when picking up Patch - she had complained about sore eyes in the morning but I had just yes, yes'd her and sent her off. By lunch time one eye had swollen up and she was upset, the doctor thought it was likely to be a reaction to something.

The following day was sports day and I thought I'd got out of sitting for three hours trying to keep the boys from tripping up the passing runners. But no, Anya wanted to go (those sporting genes really have appeared from no-where). By the time I managed to find Anya's class to drop her off, every seat was taken so our spot was a long way down the field, to be honest I think we would have had to be there at 2am to get a decent spot. Anya got two third places (the bean bag race and the quoits race) in the four races she was in (yes four races in the whole afternoon!). Euan did us proud in the Pre-schoolers race and would definitely have been placed had he not turned around and run back just before the finish line (he was by far the cutest though!).

I am very thankful that the school doesn't go in for a parents race. I've been told by a friend about how competitive her school's one got. A father was seen to go and get changed in gym kit 5 minutes before the race, the shame was he lost!

Sunday was an awfully long day - we drove down to see Tim's parents who were visiting his sister for a party. We went for lunch, it was nice to see how much everyone had changed but was a pretty quiet affair - I have a feeling that there were a few bad heads.

Quote of the week - "Mine balloon sky" ~ a well put together sentence by Euan after letting his balloon go.

Thought for the week - "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are" ~ e.e. cummings


  1. Thanks for 'coming out' as a kindred spirit in birdwatching failures! Well done Anya on her sporting prowess! There were always parents' races at school sports days I've been to, but I've never caved in under the pressure... I love Euan's quote of the week, and as for E.E.Cummings, well ... some of us are still working on that!

  2. Fabulous pics of Anya at sports day. I so miss those traditional English sports days. When Charli started school here in NZ I was really miffed that there would be no egg and spoon races, sack races or bean bag races - what's the world coming to?!! Instead, there was cross country running - for the whole school! Each year group took it in turns, with the rest of the school cheering on - I wouldn't have minded, but the day they did it there was a mean, cold southerly blowing through the valley from Antarctica!

    Glad Patrick's first solo visit to school turned out okay and wishing you and him all the best for September.

    In the meantime, enjoy the hols! x


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