Sunday, 26 July 2009

Another 33 days and we'll need an ark

This is the first week of the school summer holidays, predictably it has rained seemingly non-stop. We live in a beautiful part of the world with an endless supply of outdoor activities and children who love running and jumping into them. A little sunshine would make us all a whole lot happier (not even sunshine but a break in the rain!). The as the pictures show we have braved the rain a few times.

On a brighter note after 3 trips to the hairdresser Euan allowed her to get close enough to give him a pudding basin fringe. I have to admit that there is a close line between looking like a freak and being able to see! I am planning on trying to tackle the back when he's asleep.

I have mentioned before my most fabtastic sister, Ba Bags, she visited us this weekend. She took Bucks out for a one-to-one day out on Friday (as a typical middle child he craves attention). Bags also looked after all 3 children on Saturday so that Tim and I could have a grown-up day. We went for a long walk around Tittesworth Reservoir.
This is a message for the Toothfairy - Anya accidentally swallowed her tooth today. She has been brushing it very carefully so that you would like it. She says that if you look in her mouth (she will be having happy dreams tonight so that she smiles), you will be able to see a new gap on the left hand side. Thanks xoxox
Thought of the week - "Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain." ~ Author Unknown


  1. I love your posts! Wishing you sunshine for at least some of the holidays! At least everything looks so beautiful and green - I hear that Spain is suffering terrible fires.

    Hope the Toothfairy visited Anya with her happy dreams! Charli is yet to lose a tooth, but is getting increasingly excited at the prospect!

    Euan is looking adorable, whatever the hair cut - at least he hasn't got permanent dreadlocks like our Sophie!

    Lovely to hear you and Tim enjoyed a little couple time too - on the very rare occasion that happens to us I'm always looking around thinking I've lost a bag or a child! Takes the first half hour or so to realise I'm free!

    Sending you happy sunshine vibes for a marvellous school hols x

  2. Thanks Sarah - I'm still shocked that you would return to the days of nappy bags after having a time free of the shackles! But I bet you'll have 2 very keen helpers?

    Anya tells Charli to wobble with her finger then, when it gets very wobbly, to eat chewy stuff to get, those teeth out!


  3. I really am amazing!!! :) haha

    Did Anya get her money from the tooth fairy?? ever find the tooth? Ew!

    That weekend if fine for me to have them again! you may need to stock me some cider and extra beans in!!

    Had a lovely weekend!! will put my photos up later!! Lots of Love x x x


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