Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Growing up

Tomorrow Patch leaves Nursery and Euan is leaving the baby-room for the bigger stomping ground of the toddler-room. I thought I would be sad that my babies were growing up, but I am really enjoying living in the present. That involves moving on and not looking back over my shoulder yearning for the past.

Sometimes I do wish I could hold onto a moment, it would be lovely to be able to pop into photos and visit special times. But I would only like to visit not stay there - I guess this means I'm truly happy (bluerrhh!!). Remind me the next time I'm screaming at the kids!
Here's one of those moments I would like to visit for a couple of hours.

Being happy in the present doesn't stop me from being completely sentimental. Patrick chose Once There Were Giants as his bedtime story, this is a book about a little girl growing up, I can never get to the end without welling up. Tonight I was a blubbering wreck by the time she got to go to school (about a quarter of the way through the book!).
Maybe I'll feel emotional tomorrow but I think the joy of saving £400 a month might help over come the tears!


  1. Awww, what a gorgeous post! Wishing you all the very best for the next stages in your lives (and the extra 400 pounds a month will undoubtedly be well received - whoop, whoop!).

    P.S. Hope the rain stops soon so you can really enjoy your time with them these hols - but I know you'll have fun whatever the darn weather - welly boots and all! x

  2. Beautiful Post Big Sis! U Almost Made Me Cry!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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