Wednesday, 15 April 2009

OK, it's official I'm rubbish.

Real life got in the way of my blogging so I am frantically trying to remember the highlights of the last month and a bit.
Euan has started to talk and sing pretty much non stop he tends to go around babbling E-I-E-I-O, baabaa and caaaar lots. Euan also calls everyone Daddy including me, Anya, Patrick and anyone really, this has caused some interesting situations. The first one was when the gas man came to service the boiler, he walked in and Euan shouted "Hello Daddy". The gasman said no, I don't think so! The next we went to a Mass at Anya's school church, Father Michael stood up to talk and Euan screamed DADDY, DADDY, DADDY.

Patrick and his good friend Charlie stripped naked at the very top of a soft play area (in a clear plastic tube) and refused to get dressed, myself and Charlie's mum had to run around after them screaming put your clothes on. The whole of the cafe area had noticed and were all pointing and laughing, embarrassing but hilarious and something to raise in his wedding speech!

Attended my first ever school disco - Anya pretended I was nothing to do with her and managed to ignore me for most of the night (thought that this started at secondary school). Luckily there was a bar at the disco and a glass (paper cup) of wine made the night oh so much better!

Half term was great and we did loads of fun stuff. Probably the best was going to Alton Towers we got there very early, Anya managed to go on the Run away train 4 times in a row - Patrick did go on but said he would go on it "again tomorrow", meaning that he didn't really like it but didn't want to say so.

We were really lucky over Easter and it was sunny for most of the holiday we did lots of egg hunts. On one we went to a friends farm and got to see the new born lambs. Anya's friend explained birth - "And the mummy and daddy sheep get married, then the daddy jumps on the mummy's bottom and after a while the mummy has a lamb come out of her bottom".

Here's a few photo highlights...

The funny quote I can remember - Anya when talking about what her Dad does at work "he's mainly on the phone".
Anya making cakes - "They're rising, they're risen from the dead!" - that's what you get for going to a Catholic school!

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