Monday, 9 February 2009

The devil has blonde hair and blue eyes.

I now know why Euan doesn't look like Tim or me, he is the spawn of the devil! In the last few weeks he has gradually turn from the angel he was. A friend laughingly said that as he was such a placid, content and happy baby that there would have to be pay-back at some point - little did I know what this pay-back would involve! At the best he screams and throws himself on the floor to get what he wants at the worst he bites his way to what he wants (so far only Patrick and me). Even nursery have commented on the change, he has been stealing toys from other babies. I'm really worried that he's turning into 'that child' the one everyone avoids and doesn't get invited to parties. I seem to remember Patrick going through this too - and he's just got a party invite so all isn't lost!

We've had quite a lot of snow this week - school was shut on Tuesday (the decision was made the night before even though the roads were completely clear in the morning - it was the only school in the area to close) and on Thursday. I'm pretty sure that the head teacher loves sledging! As much as I love the company of my daughter - I wish it could just snow on Mondays and Fridays so that I don't have to farm her out.

My arty photo that will never be used again

Thought of the week - "When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels." ~ Anonymous. Note to self - I must make time to make snow angels.

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