Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Happy Birthday to my great big ball of WWWAAAHHH!!!

At five minutes to midnight four years ago I was handed a snuffling baby bundle and was told it was a boy. This was a huge surprise and I really didn't know what to do with him, I'm still trying to work it out!
To me Patrick is the most frustrating, stubborn, loud, selectively deaf, shallow, whingey, sensitive, deep, caring, outgoing, shy, cuddly, happy, funny, friendly, clever, quiet ball of contradictions wrapped up in a wriggly, always grubby body. He's like a puppy and needs to be exercised daily or he explodes. He's always after food or cuddles, I suppose the puppy thing follows there too?
Patrick is my joker, he does loud slap-stick style but he can do clever quiet humour too. He doesn't always like the obvious boy things and is never scared to try new things (mussels, jumping off high walls, swimming under water), although he says blue is a boys colour he still sneaks pink stuff into his pockets.
I'm looking forward to seeing him grow in the next year (hopefully not too much more physically as he's already looking a bit big in the 5-6 clothes) - I can see us having a few sleepless nights with a worried little boy but school will be great for him. He'll love being big and important like Anya. I will miss our days off together but at least I will have some peace!
Have a happy fourth birthday Bucks xoxo

"Today's my last day at nursery - I'm going to school tomorrow" - Getting the going to school when you're 4 thing a bit muddled up!

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