Thursday, 3 March 2011

SkyWatch Friday - Urban adventure

Setting suns can make any skyline look wonderful.  This is particular skyline didn't look so wonderful in the February rain on the way to our Birmingham adventure.
But on the way home it encouraged tired feet to move more quickly to see what was around the next exotic seeming corner.
Even if it was just a building site!  In England this is called the Black County from all the industry and coal that used to be found there. Most of the industry has gone but from the building work going on it looks like things are going to get better - the cranes are for a new library.

Have a look at proper exotic skylines at SkyWatch Friday


  1. My first impression when I saw your picture was of somewhere exotic. Great capture.

  2. I love that first shot! Just beautiful!

  3. love the sunbursts!

    Happy SWF! =)

  4. Wow nice adventure and great captures.
    Happy SwF. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Beautiful with the sun bursting through :-) Were you on holiday?


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